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70 % Dark Jamaica single origin chocolate bar with Jamaican blue mountain coffee crach baR

SOLD BY : Pleasantchocolates

Chocolate bars Our artisan Choco – heaven chocolate bars are made only with Jamaican cocoa beans grown organically  at  Mount Pleasant farms located at the western end of the blue mountain range together with our network of community out growers. Jamaican beans  have earned a sit on the table as one of the most desirable  and flavorful beans in the world rankings . We effortlessly craft our beans to enhance its full characteristics using our natural recipes designed to give you full benefits of chocolate/cocoa and eating experience.

We do reorganize that we and our customers have varied tastes, likes and personal reasons in that we make dark, diary and white  chocolates with natural vanilla .Some of our bars are complemented with Jamaican exotic flavors which are mild, spicy, salty and mellow. We also integrate supper food ,fruits and nuts suitable for mid-day energy fix.

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70% Jamaican blue mountain coffee crach bar

Tasting is believing, the exclussive Jamaican blue mountain coffee that is hand picked and carefully processed is in this bar. Atrue undultarated  teste  of the mountains or hills (as we call it here in Jamaica) are packed in this bar. , its crachy, smooth. The overall combination is playfully smooth , warm and lovable .It gives a mouthful of coffee and chocolate combination yet distitictly separate  like all our bars . delibaratly crafting it in away that you can taste , feel  and enjoy the flavors and the additions  separately . The coffee and cocoa are both grown in the same farm.  The coffee  is grown in already cool bull mountain  mist and  under the conapies of  cocoa trees and coconut

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