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About Us

What is CaribShopper?

CaribShopper is the Caribbean’s global e-commerce solution. We provide Caribbean consumers a platform through which to purchase items directly from international online retailers, companies that would otherwise be inaccessible to the Caribbean population. Our patent pending app, platform, and payment system give users access to 100+ USA online retailers and more than 8.5 billion products combined. At CaribShopper, we understand the needs of our Caribbean people. We are passionate about opening a new world of shopping experience to our Caribbean consumers.

With just the click of a button, our Caribbean consumers now have access to a global shopping market place that has been denied to them for far too long. With the CaribShopper App the world is now literally at the Caribbean shopper’s fingertips. The CaribShopper App enables people in the Caribbean to shop directly with online retailers in the United States simply by selecting whatever item they want and buying it instantly online using our secure payment system. The item is then shipped directly to their home or can be picked up at any of our local pickup stations located throughout the Caribbean within days.

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