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African print Queen gown with headwrap

SOLD BY : Shades of Africa

Bold and versatile this fabulous print gown. Custom Make orders only. You can also select your own choice of fabric. This design can also be modified based on your requirements, (additional cost may be applied).  Measurements required. 

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Please check our "Measurement Chart".

Measurement Questionnaire

Female Measurement Questionnaire

Please provide exact measurements in inches please.  Enter N/A if not applicable.


1. Size ?


2. Height ?  __ feet  __ inches


3. Upper Bust?


4. Bust (Around fullest part of breast – front and back)?

4a. Front Bust (Measure front part of breast from side seam to side seam)

4b. Back Bust? ________ (Measure back – side to side – align with side seam for Front Bust)


5. Upper Bust to empire waist? (For Strapless and sleeveless outfit)


6. Upper Bust to waist? (For Strapless and sleeveless outfit)


7. Upper Bust to hip? (For Strapless and sleeveless outfit)


8. Upper bust to floor with shoes? (For Strapless and sleeveless outfit)


9. Around empire waist ?


10. Shoulder to empire waist ?


11. Shoulder to waist ?


12. Shoulder to hip ?


13. Shoulder to floor with shoes?


14. Waist ?


15. Around Fullest part of hip?


16. Full Shoulder / Back ?


17. Waist to floor with shoes? 


18. Around Upper Arm? 


19. Waist to floor with shoes? 


20. Sleeve Length (tip of shoulder to desired end of sleeve)?


21. Around Upper Arm? 


22. Around head ? (For hat)

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