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ariToner is a leave-on exfoliant that reduces the size of enlarged pores and removes old skin cells both on the skin's surface and inside the pore.


    Dissolves whiteheads & blackheads Tightens and rejuvenates dull skin Evens skin tone Creates radiant, even-toned skin Fades dark spots & builds collagen Unclogs & diminishes enlarged pores

Great for all skin types: Acne breakouts, anti-aging, blackheads, enlarged pores, keratosis pilaris, dark spots, amd wrinkles

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Revitalizing Jamaican Lemongrass Essential Oil is well known for its antiseptic and invigorating properties. This function improves blood circulation which helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin and promotes rapid cell regeneration which results in a more youthful appearance of skin.

Anti-oxidant: The anti-oxidant property helps to decrease inflammation of the skin, preventing premature aging and environmental damage to skin cells.

Exfoliating: The salicylic acid in willow bark tree extract works as a keratolytic, comedolytic, and anti-bacterial agent, causing rapid shedding of dull skin cells, unclogging pores and killing germs in oil glands that cause pimples. This prevents and removes dark spots resulting from acne, razor bumps and other skin trauma

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