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Jamaican chocolate Tea balls

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100% Jamaican Chocolate Tea balls (unsweetened 100% ground cocoa for traditional Jamaican hot chocolate)


1 The ball makes approx. 2-4cups

2.  Boil water and add 1 chocolate tea ball and stir.

Or in a pan put an approx. 500ml of water, add 1 chocolate tea ball and allow to simmer 4-6Mins

To create creamy drink, add coconut milk, or milk, cream.

Add sugar or sweeten as desired.


Our chocolate tea balls are made from 100% premium Jamaican cocoa beans, grown in the Jamaican Blue Mountains. Traditional Jamaican ‘chocolate tea’ is made out of a whole cocoa bean preserving all its natural antioxidants, nutrients, and flavor. It’s great for all recipes that call for chocolate.


Ingredients: cocoa 

options vanilla , cinnamon, Nutmeg 

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