9 & Fried Gourmet Jamaican Fried Chicken Seasoning Combo

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9 & Fried Gourmet Jamaican Fried Chicken Seasoning Combo - Caribshopper

9 & Fried Gourmet Jamaican Fried Chicken Seasoning Combo

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This 2 part package comes with a dry seasoning blend, as well as a seasoned dredge. Very carefully crafted over a number of years, this product was made to turn even a novice, into a fried chicken expert. The seasoning imparts a mild jerk flavor, bone-deep & it also tenderizes the chicken to the point where it fries in 9 minutes or less.

The Dredge sticks to the meat very well and adds great color & crispness to the exterior. 1 package is enough to do approx. 15lbs of chicken; which is 4+ average-sized birds. It also works beautifully on seafood.

Method: Season each pound of chicken with approximately 2 tsp of the dry rub. Leave to marinate for 8+ hours, dip in the dredge, and fry.

Things to note:
- "Average sized chicken" refers to birds in the vicinity of 3-3.5lbs.
- Much larger birds will possibly require slightly longer frying time.
- The longer the chicken is marinated, the quicker it will fry; up to a point.
- We recommend investing in a meat thermometer & using that to test doneness.
- Refrigerating chicken uncovered, skin side up will lead to crisper fried chicken.
- Let chicken come to room temperature before frying.
- Deep frying chicken gets the job done quicker, with a more even color.
- If shallow frying, fry pieces for 4-5 minutes per side, before checking for doneness.
- Do not overcrowd the pan when frying
- Drain in a colander or strainer, never on paper towels. Paper towels will make the skin soggy.
- For extra crispy chicken, coat pieces once, then set aside for flour to absorb moisture. Coat once more before frying.

Wheat flour, starches, salt, scotch bonnet, black pepper, herbs & spices, MSG. Contains acidulants.

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