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Dried Organic Jamaican Soursop Leaves, Graviola

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The Jamaican Annona muricata, Graviola, Soursop Leaves, Guanabana

Our soursop leaves are handpicked and air-dried to conserve its nutrients. It is also known in Central America as graviola or guanabana.

Soursop leaf tea is used to calm the nerves, reduce pain, boost the immune system, and prevent infection in the body. Soursop leaves also contain vitamin C which stimulates the immune system. It also assists in preventing colds and coughs. 

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1. Add 4/5 leaves and place them in a cup

2. Boil 2 cups of water and pour over leaves

3. Cover and leave for 5mins

4. Remove leaves and enjoy it!

WARNING! Individuals who are pregnant or with any medical condition or concern should seek medical advice before using any herbs. These products cannot diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. For diagnosis or prescription consult your physician.

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