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The Ultimate Chocolate Gift Box

The Ultimate Chocolate Gift Box - Caribshopper
The Ultimate Chocolate Gift Box - Caribshopper

The Ultimate Chocolate Gift Box

Regular price $165.25 CAD

Gift Box orders can include a personalized note and will be shipped within 10 days of ordering. Last day to order for on-time holiday delivery is December 19th.

Indulge in sweet treats and discover artisan bean-to-bar chocolates from the Caribbean’s finest chocolate chocolatiers; crafted from pure, premium ingredients with the dedication to innovation and artistry.

Each bar has been carefully selected to bring you a rich, decadent way to satisfy any sweet tooth. If you’re looking for a premium chocolate gift, look no further!

The Ultimate Chocolate Gift Box features:

  • Grace Farms Cocoa Products Milk Chocolate with Guava, 1.7oz
  • Ortinola 100% Dark Chocolates with Cinnamon, 55g
  • Kairi Chocolate Garbanzo 50% Dark Vegan Milk 32g
  • The Chocolate Box Cocoa Royale Scorpion Pepper Chocolate Bar, 50g
  • Chocollor Chocolate White Chocolate Bar
  • Mount Pleasant 70% Dark Jamaican Fruit and Nut Jamaican Chocolate Bar, 2oz
  • Cafe Blue Jamaica Milk Chocolate Bar, 45g
  • PURE 70% Dark Chocolate with Lemongrass, 2.1oz
Our featured chocolatiers push the boundaries of creativity with ingredients such as authentic Trinidadian peppers, garbanzo beans for a vegan chocolate experience, fresh tropical fruits and herbs, and much more.
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