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Fat Chef Pumpkin Sorrel Jerk Barbeque Sauce

SOLD BY : Fat Chef

(PUMP) IN the NUTRIENTS: Jamaican Jerk Sauce made with NON GMO Jamaican pumpkin and Jamaican sorrel.

(PUMP (IN) the SWEETNESS: Sweetened from fruits and vegetables, our PUMPKIN Jerk Sauce is unlike any other you will ever have; it also has less sugar than leading brands.

We challenge you to not love our jerk sauce! (PUMP) IN THE HEALTHY: Healthier than even the most pretentious gourmet brand, but has that Jamaican jerk flavor you know and love.

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(PUMP) IN THE ALLERGEN FREE: Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan (PUMP) IN THE TASTE: FAT CHEF SORREL JERK SAUCE real Jamaican jerk is supposed to taste.

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