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Caribshopper Curated Boxes
Caribshopper Curated Boxes

Caribshopper Curated Boxes

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  • The Chillaxin’ Gift Box

    Soak up the vibes and experience a hint of Caribbean niceness with this curated gift box!


    Our Chillaxin’ Gift Box features:


    • A wonderful selection of tea infused with Jamaican herbs and spices made by Caribbean Dreams
    • World-renowned mini golden rum cake full of authentic Caribbean flavor made by Tortuga Rum Cake
    • Genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans covered in gourmet chocolate made by Café Blue
    • Replenishing & invigorating foot and bath soak formulated to nourish the skin and the soul made by Roses & Charcoal
    • Breezy Caribbean scents made with 100% coconut and soy wax to melt away your stress made by Beryl & Blossom
    • 100% natural healing aromatherapy body oil created with hemp butter and ylang ylang, nutmeg, coconut, and almond oils made by Starfish Oils
    USD $54.97
  • The Gourmet Makers Gift Box

    Savor the extraordinary taste of Caribbean gourmet treats with this curated gift box!


    The Gourmet Makers box features:


    • 100% Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee grounds made by Café Blue
    • Artisan-made organic 68% dark chocolate bar with slow roasted nibs made by PURE Chocolate
    • Sweet mango sticky jam with a dash of Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper made by Mel’s Sticky Jam
    • Handcrafted, coal-roasted, and pickled saltfish pâté made by Regggaetawa
    • Authentic Jamaican pepper sauce for a true jerk flavor made by Peppatree
    USD $54.97

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