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Groomed Bundle

Elevate his grooming routine from head to toe.

This full skincare and haircare line is carefully formulated with the finest ingredients to be highly effective, yet easy to use. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and protect. This grooming set has all the right tools, to invigorate and strengthen with natural ingredients.

$74.97 – $59.97

Gift him with a specially handcrafted gift box that is full of Caribbean flavor.

Bring Caribbean Culture Closer to the handsome man in your life with one of our beautifully curated boxes. Honor him with Caribbean products, delivered right to his door!



Branch out with Peppatree®.

We blend the finest flavours of Jamaica. We recognize that every seed, every bottle, is a statement of Jamaican excellence.

Revel in the hot, sweet blends of our culture. Share the best of our spirit and creativity which knows no limits. Linga longa, open your senses, and get to know the roots & flavours of Jamaica with Peppatree®.


Marley Coffee

Be consumed every morning by this sweet and aromatic coffee blend.

Marley Coffee is ethically farmed and artisan roasted, so each batch is fair trade certified. The reggae legend’s legacy of respect for nature and humanity is expressed in each cup. Every sip of this premium coffee is smooth, flavorful and heavenly. Savor in the sweet and mellow taste first thing in the morning or any time of day.


Beryl + Blossom

Beryl + Blossom crafts earth and soul friendly soy and coconut candles with a Jamaican twist.

From the sweet taste of an otaheite apple and a classic sweet potato puddin’ to the crisp scent of a freshly plucked mint bush, our collection of signature scents will remind you of all the reasons Jamaica is the Crown Jewel of the Caribbean.


Domino Champions

Beautifully handcrafted in Jamaica

Grab this set for your next family dinner or barbeque. It makes a great gift for every gentleman, game lover or collector on your list.

Enjoy a traditional Jamaican pastime, with this stunning set of dominoes made inlaid ceramic tile, so they won’t break when players slam the dominoes down to win the game six love!


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