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Jamaican Ginger with Lemongrass Body Oil

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In Jamaica, Ginger as a natural remedy in many homes across the island. So naturally, we had to make a Jamaican Ginger oil that is both a skin moisturiser and massage oil.

We started making this oil for the love of ginger and the pleasant fusion with rosemary and lemongrass. However, once others began using it, we were forced by the rush of incredible testimonies to do additional research. A Jamaican nurse whose husband is of Indian descent and has spider veins reported how beneficial a massage of his leg was with this oil.

Another lady bought this oil on occasions for her Mom that was living with cancer. She reported that applying this oil to her mother’s back would help to relieve pain and heat that her mother felt from the effects of the cancer in her body.

Ginger is not only great for dealing with ‘gas’ pain but is also a natural solution for lymphatic drainage, oedema, spider veins, and varicose veins. Ginger relieves swelling and pain through its warming and anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended for use twice a day massaging into neck, knees, and armpits.
Our Jamaican ginger body and massage oils are infused with rosemary and lemongrass and other oils for deeper penetration. So if you’re tired or feeling soreness in your feet, neck, back, or other muscles at the end of the day, this massage oil is just what you need.

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In Jamaica, we drink a cup of ginger tea from pretty much everything but did you know that Ginger can give a great body massage. Get your bottle of this body and massage oil and relax or start your healing today!

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