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Organic Jamaican Allspice/Pimento Seeds

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Organic Jamaican Allspice (Pimento)The handpicked berries are also called pimento, Jamaica pimento, Jamaica pepper, pimenta, or myrtle pepper, from the Pimenta dioica, which belongs to the myrtle tree family.

The unripe berries of Pimenta dioica are usually sun-dried to preserve freshness and will resemble peppercorns. They're frequently ground into a powder and added to season food.

A great addition to your recipes to unleash the Jamaican jerk or bbq flavor, the aroma is described as a combination of spices*cinnamon*cloves*ginger*nutmeg.

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jm-132-organic jamaican allspice/pimento seeds

Uses Of The Berries

In Jamaica, the dried pimento berries are used to

*Seasoning for jerk chicken and pork


*Packaged jerk seasonings

*Curry powder

*Added to soups

*Barbecue sauces

*Natural Preservative

*Alcoholic and non-alcoholic sorrel beverage

*Home Remedies

The berries and leaves are also used to make different home remedies.

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