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  • Sangster’s Book Stores Ash The Flash

    For Ages 10-12 years.


    What if you were the fastest human alive? Ash can run with unbelievable speed after drinking a strange portion from his uncle laboratory.


    However, with his newfound superpower, he is faced with real danger and may not be able to outrun his fate.

    USD $8.97
  • Sangster’s Book Stores Island Princess In Brooklyn

    For Ages 10-14 years.


    Thirteen year old Princess just migrated from Jamaica where she lived with her beloved grandmother, to sort a new life with her mother in exciting New York!


    Although nervous and homesick, Princess is eager to begin her new journey to sophistication and success while navigating the thrills and ills of the Big Apple.

    USD $8.97
  • Sangster’s Book Stores Every Little Thing Will Be Alright

    For Ages 5-7 years.


    Five spectacular children who have faced and overcome adversities in their young lives, including an aspiring cricketer whose parents cannot afford his dreams to become a world-class sportsman; and a budding ballerina who worries about betraying her culture and is insecure about her body shape and size.


    This collection is sure to inspire young readers.

    USD $8.97
  • Sangster’s Book Stores Aunty Roachy Seh

    A fantastically humorous collection of monologues in prose by the authority on Jamaican folklore – the Hon. Louise Bennett Coverley, O.M., O.J., M.B.E., Hon. D.Litt. – affectionately called ‘Miss Lou’.


    An ideal purchase for Jamaicans longing for a piece of home as well as everyone interested in Jamaica’s literary culture; this book raises issues such as the significance of race, class and gender; Jamaican folk culture and the problems caused by laziness, inefficiency and gossip.


    Miss Lou presents these issues with remarkable humor and exceptional skill. Throughout her monologues, she offers lively support of positive values such as love and respect for other people and the recognition of good in the Jamaican culture.


    The monologues are easy to read, complete with an extensive Glossary and sprinkled with timely Jamaican proverbs.


    Each piece provides unique and valuable insights into the Jamaican culture and the essence of what it means to be Jamaican.

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  • Sangster’s Book Stores Jamaica Labrish

    Louise Bennett has been described variously as Jamaica’s leading comedienne, as the “only poet who has really hit the truth about her society through its own language,” and as an important contributor to her country of “valid social documents reflecting the way Jamaicans think and feel and live”.

    USD $23.97
  • Sangster’s Book Stores Selected Poems

    A fantastically humorous selection of poems by the authority on Jamaican folklore the Hon. Louise Bennett Coverley, O.M., O.J., M.B.E., Hon. D.Litt. – affectionately called ‘Miss Lou’. An ideal purchase for Jamaicans longing for a piece of home as well as everyone interested in Jamaica’s literary culture; this book contains poems selected for their literary merit.


    Added features include: notes; commentary and teaching questions which “highlight the socio-cultural implications and various aspects of the poet’s technique, such as the disciplined cunning of her imagery, her verbal concentration and the many allusions in her work.”


    The poems are easy to read and the collection is complete with an extensive Glossary. Each piece provides unique and valuable insights into the Jamaican culture and the essence of what it means to be Jamaican.

    USD $26.97
  • Sangster’s Book Stores Anancy And Miss Lou

    Louise Bennett, leading folklore artist of Jamaica, has proven herself more than qualified to interpret the folk-stories of her beloved Jamaica.


    A natural artist who has devoted her life to the study of Jamaican folklore, she spent several years doing research in this field; visiting the Maroons, attending old-time Tea-meetings, Religious Ceremonies, Dinkies (Wakes), Country-weddings and concerts and Field-days all over Jamaica.


    She has collected Anancy stories, Jamaica folk-songs, folk-legends, proverbs, riddles and has woven these into her writings.


    Miss Bennett’s research and folklore creations for the Jamaican stage have helped to save much of Jamaican folk-material from extinction – and already, many of her works have been published.


    Her contribution to Jamaica’s cultural life has been a positive one and she has been honoured in recognition of her tremendous achievement.

    USD $24.97
  • Made By: Jill Roberts

    Jill Roberts A Hamper of Recipes from Jamaica Cookbook

    Made By: Jill Roberts

    A Hamper of Recipes from Jamaica Cookbook is a proven best seller, this cookbook contains more than 300 tested recipes which include most of Jamaica’s traditional dishes

    USD $24.97
  • Colours with Lennie Mature Colouring Book Bird Series 1

    Close your eyes and unplug for a little while. This Colours with Lennie Mature Colouring Book Bird Series 1 is the perfect tool to keep the creative juices flowing, reduce stress, and get you back in touch with your creative side.


    Whether you choose to color on a whim or set out with a plan, our wonderful world will reveal itself through your new artistic lens.

    USD $25.97
  • Amashika & Associates Chat Tu Mi & Colour

    Chat Tu Mi & Colour is the first Jamaican-themed colouring book of its kind combining Jamaican proverbs, line drawings as well as introducing the formal writing system for Jamaican, or what many refer to as Jamaican Patois.


    This book encapsulates 20 worded pages with an accompanying drawing which highlight various aspects of our culture: food, the genres of music Jamaica gave to the word, the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Jamaica, landmarks/places, livelihoods, customs, sports and lives realities and more.


    Respect is due to Louise Bennett-Coverley for all the work she did placing as a folklorist and cultural ambassador to celebrate our language, Jamaican.


    If you’re interested in learning about Jamaican culture and proverbs, want to give a child a gift that promotes multiculturalism and diversity, want to alleviate child stress and anxiety for children then this book is the fit for you no matter your age or origin.


    This product is for personal use only and cannot be distributed in any format.
    No mass production in any form is allowed.

    From: USD $15.97
  • Blue Banyan Books – A Different Me A Better You

    In Blue Banyan Book A Different Me A Better You, Janet Morrison eloquently tackles complex subjects with a breath and understanding that provides lessons to all who read it. What starts as a story about difference goes on to reveal how similarities in the challenges we all face.


    Follow five young men as they navigate and triumph over obstacles, face acceptance for their difference and manage to have a little fun along the way. This celebration of differently-abled children is a must read

    USD $12.97
  • Made By: ArtSmart

    ArtSmart Dominoes Set in Natural Wood

    Made By: ArtSmart

    The game of Dominoes is a traditional Jamaican pastime, and a set of “ivories” is always welcome. This one is unique and beautifully packaged and makes a great gift for every gentleman, game lover or collector on your list.


    The box is beautifully handmade in Jamaica with an inlaid ceramic tile.

    USD $74.97
  • Made By: ArtSmart

    ArtSmart Dominoes Set in Espresso Wood

    Made By: ArtSmart

    Things can get competitive with this game beloved by Jamaicans and anyone with roots from the Caribbean islands.


    These dominoes are handmade in Jamaica and come in a set of 28. Played alone or in two pairs, each player tries to match their domino with the corresponding suite on the board to be the first one to empty their hand.


    This stunning ArtSmart Expresso Wood set is made with inlaid ceramic tile, so they won’t break when players slam the dominoes down to win the game six love.


    Grab this set for your next family dinner or barbecue. No matter the occasion, a set of “ivories” is always a welcome addition.

    USD $74.97
  • Blue Banyan Books Boonoonoonoonous Hair!

    The word boonoonoonous is a word of love, and award-winning writer Olive Senior’s Boonoonoonous Hair!, is a journey to self love! Young readers will discover how Jamilla learns to love her electric, kinetic, bombastic, fantastic, twirly, whirly, curly, fuzzy, snappy, nappy, wavy, crazy, boonoonoonoonous hair.


    This wonderfully conceived book features Laura James’ vibrant, energetic illustrations that celebrate the dynamism of black hair and are sure to fire the imagination! Plus you get to say ‘boonoonoonous over and over again!


    Author: Olive SeniorIllustrator: Laura JamesBinding: PaperbackPages: 48

    USD $23.97
  • Blue Banyan Books My Caribbean Colouring Book

    Dive into the wonderful world of Caribbean animals with My Caribbean Colouring Book.


    Whether you love owls or ibises, iguanas or starfish, My Caribbean Colouring Book presents animal friends from in the air and deep beneath the sea.


    It’s a great way to learn about animals from across the Caribbean while having lots of coloring fun! In here you’ll meet coneys and crocodiles, dolphins and dragonflies, and even monkeys and manatees.


    Come learn, play and colour!

    USD $7.97
  • Blue Banyan Books Yum Yum Yummy

    A part of the Peenie Wallie series, this board book is full to bursting with a sweet-sweet rhyme offering up both rhythm and flavour. It’s packed with colourful, tangy, and tasty Jamaican fruits like mangoes, star apples and sweet sop.


    And the vibrant watercolour illustrations look oh so juicy and yum, yum, yummy! Yum Yum Yummy is a celebration of Caribbean fruits. Not only does it feature vibrant colors but it also makes a great read-aloud book for the little ones.


    Author: Theresa C Givans

    Illustrator: Richard Nattoo

    Binding: Board book

    Pages: 12

    USD $12.97
  • Blue Banyan Books A Pig in a Parachute

    Just add imagination! With A Pig in a Parachute, there is no need to leave your bed to go on an epic adventure. These quirky, colourful, sometimes furry and always fun animals can’t wait to come twirling, flying and careening to life.


    A Pig in a Parachute is a great introduction to colours and animals and awesome alliterations. A Pig in a Parachute is a part of the Peenie Wallie board book series.


    Author: Rebecca Tortello

    Illustrator: Michael Robinson

    Binding: Board book

    Pages: 12

    USD $12.97
  • Blue Banyan Books Charlie the Crocodile and Other Ridiculous Rhymes

    Take a safari down the Black River, where Charlie the Crocodile lays fast asleep. Then take a bite of tasty foods and sweet Jamaican treats. Or better yet, take a trip to the moon where the cows have impeccable table manners.


    Featuring seven hilarious poems, Charlie the Crocodile and Other Ridiculous Rhymes invites you to get to know Jamaica. These witty poems are sure to delight the young ones and have them giggling along.


    Charlie the Crocodile this is a feast of food, family, culture and poetry for young minds. Charlie the Crocodile is a Peenie Wallie board book.


    Author: Theresa C Givans

    Illustrator: Keddan Savage

    Binding: Board books

    Pages: 12

    USD $11.97
  • Blue Banyan Books B is for Breadfruit

    Jamaican alphabet flashcards!


    Is for Breadfruit is a great fun way to learn the alphabet – Jamaican style! It contains 26 alphabet cards featuring elements of Jamaican flora, fauna and culture.


    Learning the alphabet is easy with these beautifully illustrated flashcards. The charming, full colour illustrations are large print, easy to read, and the perfect size for tiny hands. With offerings like A is for Akee, R is for Reggae and M is for Manatee, they are a great way to learn the alphabet while learning about Jamaican culture.


    Binding – Cards Number – 26

    USD $8.97
  • Blue Banyan Books Bolo the Monkey

    Bolo the Monkey, winner of the 2013 Reader’s Choice for Best Children’s Picture Book, and Jamaica National Book Award for Best Children’s Cover, is written in a captivating rhythm with vivid, vibrant images. It is the story of a young, daring, little monkey who  dreams of being able to make a difference.


    Bolo leaves the forest and goes out into the world to learn new things and new ways of doing them. He returns to the jungle with a daring idea to be a sweet potato farmer instead of foraging the forest for fruits, which is the way monkeys have always lived.


    Despite his best efforts he first meets with failure and ridicule but Bolo refuses to give up. He continues to believe in his dream and learns to overcome. He is showered with praise and reaps great fame for his efforts.


    Author: Jonathan Burke

    Illustrator: Nicholas Martin

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 20

    USD $9.97
  • Blue Banyan Books The Happiness Dress

    When Carolyne receives a colourful dress covered in bright red, pink and yellow flowers from her aunt in the Caribbean, she loves it! Her Mum, Grandma and her other aunt think it just won’t do.


    The dress is much too bright for the cosmopolitan, conservative country in which they now live. They try to convince Carolyne that she needs to fit in, not stand out. But when Carolyne’s father takes her on a walk she discovers her beautiful dress with its vibrant colours can bring happiness to a lot of people. The Happiness Dress celebrates that difference is a trait that many can share as well as a truth we sometimes forget, the importance of fathers in girls’ lives.


    The Happiness Dress won the Commonwealth Foundation Special Prize for a children’s story in 2011.


    Author: Diane Browne

    Illustrator: Rachel Moss

    Binding: paperback

    Pages: 20

    USD $9.97
  • Blue Banyan Books Abigail’s Glorious Hair

    Abigail has a lot of hair. A lot of poufy, poufy hair! Her hair takes a long time to be combed, especially when it has just been washed. But each stroke of the comb, each twist of a braid, and each passing of fingers through her hair is a moment of bonding between mother and daughter. The ritual of parting and combing the hair also provides a moment for the women of the family to sit and share important matters.


    Little girls still safe and snug in their mother’s arms, mothers with daughters young enough to need their hair combed, and those who remember this experience, can all enjoy Abigail’s Glorious Hair. Delightful illustrations by Rachel Moss skillfully capture the mood of the story.


    Author: Diane Browne

    Illustrator: Rachel Moss

    USD $9.97
  • Blue Banyan Books Off Track

    Off Track by Tamika Gibson is an intense yet wistful, funny and ultimately inspiring novel, that makes a great addition to the repertoire of dramatic teen romances. Told from the engaging perspectives of dual protagonists 16 year-old Kayla Francis and 17 year-old Joel de Freitas, the novel explores Caribbean high school athletics, where success brings more than glory.


    Focused and gifted with unrelenting drive, Kayla has one goal – make it to the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic team. But Kayla has no interest in glory or fame. The focus and determination that makes her the envy of her teammates comes because for her track is a path out of the circle of things to be fixed, near empty bellies, and always waiting for the end of the month. All she wants is a chance to break out from the poverty slowly eating away at her mother and grinding down her younger sisters and escape the violence always at the edge of their world in the form of their aunt’s abusive, lecherous boyfriend. So, she has no time to worry about her relationship with her semi-estranged father. She has no time for fun and friends and definitely not for her growing interest in her teammate Joel.


    But Joel has far more to him than fast legs and a charming smile. With his father’s track legacy looming large in the public mind, it seems Joel was born to run. But as much as he has been running toward his dreams of Olympic gold he has been trying to out the shadows from his father’s past, a father whom he has never net, but whose mistakes have shaped Joel’s own path.


    The story features themes that range across athletics, family, growing up, crime, and migration, love as well as romantic and filial love. Set in contemporary Trinidad and Tobago, Off Track is grounded in a Caribbean life and culture but has themes that teens anywhere can understand – the ways in which expectations and aspirations may turn into burdens we have to carry and hurdles to be overcome. Ultimately, Off Track is a lively, vibrant story about taking control of your own destiny, facing challenges head on and that even when you stumble of even fall, with great determination, nothing can get you off track from your dreams.

    USD $23.97

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