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The Gourmet Makers Plus Gift Box

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Savor the extraordinary taste of Caribbean gourmet treats and sweets with this premium curated gift box!


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The Gourmet Makers Plus box features:

  • 100% Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee grounds made by Café Blue
  • Artisan-made organic 70% dark chocolate bar with authentic jerk seasonings made by PURE Chocolate
  • Sweet mango sticky jam with a dash of Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper made by Mel’s Sticky Jam
  • Smooth and sweet white chocolate bar from Jamaica’s finest cocoa butter made by Chocollor Chocolates
  • Handcrafted, coal-roasted, and pickled saltfish pâté made by Regggaetawa
  • World-renowned mini golden rum cake full of authentic Caribbean flavor made by Tortuga Rum Cake
  • Genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans covered in gourmet chocolate made by Café Blue
  • Authentic Jamaican pepper sauce for a true jerk flavor made by Peppatree
  • Milk Chocolate bar infused with almond toffee and stone-ground, heritage malt barley made by Cocoa Republic

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