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Soursop- Guinea Hen Weed with Sorrel

SOLD BY : Allor Natural Products Ltd

Presenting a light refreshing blend, Moringa leaves are considered to be one of the most resourceful plants on earth, while Soursop has great attributes that helps the body and ease the mind.

Beautiful crimson color as the Sorrel is brewed with a slight raspberry like taste, which includes Soursop and Guinea Hen Weed makes for a powerful combination.

Each box has 20 teabags.

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Soursop-Guinea Hen Weed with Sorrel: lowers blood pressure, maintain blood sugar levels, improves sleep and other nervous system disorders, improves circulation, relieves ache and pains, anti-inflammatory, battles impotency.

Ingredients: Soursop leaves, Guinea Hen Weed, Sorrel

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