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Soursop - Moringa with Lemongrass Tea

SOLD BY : Allor Natural Products Ltd

Presenting a light refreshing blend, Moringa leaves are considered to be one of the most resourceful plants on earth, while Soursop has great attributes that helps the body and ease the mind.

Topped off with the rich citrus flavour of lemongrass, this Allor Moringa with Lemongrass herbal tea is great for everyone and at any time of day.

Each box has 20 teabags.

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jm-119-soursop - moringa with lemongrass tea

Soursop-Moringa with Lemongrass: fights infection and common viruses, improve cholesterol levels, aids upset stomach, relieve stress, enhance energy, boost immune and nervous system.

Ingredients: Soursop leaves, Moringa leaves, Lemongrass.

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