Brand Spotlights

Check out the Caribbean brands our customers loved in April! 


Meet a clothing line dedicated to celebrating the Jamaican vernacular in all its colour.

All our products have a classic, black and white palette with a simple yet strong typographic approach ensuring the Jamaican hailed phrases pack the right punch.”

Habanero Trinidad

"Habanero was created by Sharon’s mom, Hafeza, a simple woman with a big flare for flavour.

It was a well kept secret among the family until the 1980s when the sauces were introduced in a small family restaurant in Claxton Bay, Trinidad and Tobago. It immediately became the favorite accessory on every meal! Soon after, visitors to the restaurant began requesting bottles and Habanero Pepper Sauce was born.

Sangster's Coffee

"For me, coffee means Family." Owner and farmer of Sangster’s Coffee, Bindley Sangster II is continuing the legacy of his father to grow truly great coffee.

Bindley Sangster II, son of Jamaica’s 2nd Prime Minister, Sir Donald Sangster, established the Sangster’s farm in 1981. His goal was to produce the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted. Now, Sangster’s Coffee boasts a delectable line of Whole Bean, Ground and Peaberry Reserve coffee to satisfy coffee lovers around the world.

Patchouli Who?

Looking for body products that don’t instantly trigger a sneezing fit but still have an enticing scent?

Patchouli Who? It’s for you!

A fun collection of hand-blended, eco-friendly aromatherapy perfumes and skincare products made from pure essential oils and natural ingredients.

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