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Merchant FAQ

Our marketplace enables Caribbean producers to sell direct-to-consumer in the US & Canada and build a successful international business. We handle the marketing, logistics, and payment processing for our merchants at no cost, so they can focus on one thing: creating their amazing products.

Apply to become a merchant and a member of our Merchant Success Team will review your application and get in touch with you. If your application is approved, you will be asked to share the necessary details to open your Caribshopper store. These details include product names, prices, pictures, product descriptions, ingredients/materials, directions for use and other necessary information. We will work with you to get pictures and optimize descriptions if needed and we will set up your entire store. 

Becoming a merchant is FREE. Unlike other marketplaces, there are no fees to you: No listing fees, subscription fees, transaction fees, or shipping fees. As a merchant, you simply sell us your products at a wholesale cost and we apply a markup to cover overhead platform costs, marketing, logistics, shipping and payment processing costs.

There’s no catch! But we do have a few guidelines to ensure a great partnership.

Specifically, our merchants must be the original maker of their products, inventory must be ready to ship within 2 days, and you must share your Caribshopper store on your social media pages and email lists weekly.

Yes - Caribshopper currently has warehouses in Jamaica, Trinidad and USA. We have plans to expand to additional countries in the near future; so subscribe to our mailing list to know when additional Caribbean warehouses are up and running.

Unfortunately, there are cases where we cannot support a product or brand on our site. These include alcoholic or hemp-related products, subscription services, raw meat or vegetation, and some customized orders. Also, merchants who are resellers or reside in a country wherein we do not have a fulfillment team cannot be supported on our site. To know whether your brand meets our criteria, we invite you to apply or email

We open your store as soon as you complete the application form, and we receive all the information needed, including details about your brand, products, images, banking information, and any other documentation required.

Once customers purchase your products from our website, you will receive an email with the details so you can fulfill. From there, you’ll have 2 business days to take your products to one of our drop-off locations. Our team will pack and ship the order so it arrives at the customer’s door within 5 days. If you’re in the US, we will email you a shipping label and from there, you can drop off the product to your nearest carrier within 2 days. 

As part of your onboarding, we will request banking details for where you would like to receive your funds. We transfer payment for all your sales twice a month. Based on your banking information, you will receive your funds in USD or in your local currency. 

All current merchants must meet a certain criteria before they can become Caribshopper certified. The criteria includes having professional images of their products (white background and lifestyle images plus a team/owner picture). The merchant should also have a track record of 2-day fulfillment of orders, social media engagement, in-depth details of products (ingredients, clear product weight, nutritional value, directions for use, brand values like vegan, all-natural, organic, homemade) and few product complaints from customers. 

Once the merchant meets this criteria, they should complete a Behind the Brand form and a Certified Application form. We review these applications every quarter and make the necessary updates to the site.  

Absolutely! Our Merchant Agreement includes No Exclusivity. You may sell your products on your own website, through other e-commerce distributors, or platforms. Similarly, Caribshopper will showcase multiple brands and products within each product category represented in the marketplace. Merchants must, however, agree to partner with Caribshopper to promote their Caribshopper store.  

Caribshopper expands your footprint by giving you increased access to international markets through our platform. Our website provides you with an online store completely dedicated to your products that you can market easily through a unique URL. We also have a Marketing Team dedicated to developing promotions across different channels (online and offline) and executing campaigns to draw eyes to your brand. We create opportunities for our merchants to join various PR and Marketing activations that will increase brand awareness and sales. We invite you to partner with us by showcasing your Caribshopper store on social media weekly, joining our monthly sessions to see how you can grow your business, and agreeing to different sales promotions we provide. 

There are opportunities for merchants, especially Caribshopper Certified Brands to give their stores a boost by special advertising. These are usually related to special incentives (eg. discounts, free gifts with purchases, etc) that your brand provides for a specified period. 

Caribshopper provides a separate mini store for each vendor with a custom URL. The ability to customize that storefront with banners, a logo, and a brand description is available to our Caribshopper Certified Brands only. 

Caribshopper arranges all International shipping through our partners: DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS.  We package your products and cover the cost to ship overseas as part of our agreement with you.

Caribshopper will be responsible for handling all customer issues requiring refunds, returns and exchanges. We assume all costs for products damaged in transit and we pay out all refunds to customers if the negligence was on our side. In the case of products that arrived to us from your business that do not meet our quality standard, we will require that you replace before shipping to the customer.

Caribshopper’s dedicated Customer Success Team will handle all order queries, complaints and customer engagement. We will need a point person from your team to answer our questions so we can best serve the customer. 

We want your business to thrive. This is why we have straight-forward terms and logistics—

so you can focus on your business and your customers.

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