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Caribshopper is a digital marketplace looking for Caribbean partners like you. Our Marketplace is a curated community of respected, professional Caribbean sellers who offer only top-quality, authentic products backed by our best-in-class customer service.


Why Sell With Us?

We’ve built the Caribshopper marketplace so you can sell with ease. We integrate your catalog, manage your orders, arrange shipment and provide customer care. Increase sales and reach new customers with no monthly fees.

You have complete control and run your business on your own terms. Build your catalog, control your inventory and set your prices with no setup or monthly fees! A reasonable referral fee is automatically deducted from your prompt payment for sold items.

Join Caribshopper, and you can grow your business the way you want — with all the help and support you need. It’s a partnership you can feel good about. By partnering with us, you’ll play a part in developing your local economy and shaping global communities. The world can’t wait to see what you have in store.

The Benefits

Caribshopper is more than a website; we are a forward-thinking company dedicated to connecting Caribbean merchants and customers so that they can develop long-lasting relationships. We are constantly innovating to better serve the needs of our merchants and consumers alike to help bridge the gap between quality Caribbean products and the customers who want them.

By partnering with Caribshopper, we’ll handle marketing and analytics so that you can focus on what you do best, manufacturing. We care about doing the right thing for our partners, our customers, our community, and our world. We know that you’ll fit right in!