Natural Pearls of Jamaica Jamaican Kola Nut/Bissy Powder, 2.9oz - Caribshopper
Natural Pearls of Jamaica Jamaican Kola Nut/Bissy Powder, 2.9oz - Caribshopper

Natural Pearls of Jamaica Jamaican Kola Nut/Bissy Powder, 2.9oz

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Product Description

Cola Acuminata, known worldwide by names such as Bissy or Kola Nut, guru nut, Gworo, cola nitida. Bissy is the fruit from the Kola tree. The plant is native to Africa and was brought to Jamaica in a slave ship from Guinea around 1680.

Bissy has been long used popularly as an antidote to remove poison and toxins from the body and is popularly known in Jamaica as bissy or kola nut.

Recent research has shown that the kola nut possesses several health benefits, namely; 1. Enhances the metabolism (weight loss), 2. Relieves intestinal problems, including constipation and upset stomach, Male impotence, 3. May be effective in treating prostate & breast cancer, 4. Possesses anti-inflammatory properties for improved joint health and reduces joint swellings. 5. Respiratory disorders relating to asthma, allergies & colds, relieves migraine pain, improves overall mental well-being.

Natural Pearls of Jamaica sources our Kola Nuts from the salubrious hills of St. Catherine. Natural Pearls of Jamaica Kola Nuts are wild-crafted and free of exposure to pesticides and harmful chemicals or fertilizers. The product is hand-harvested in small batches, carefully cleaned and processed to ensure you get the freshest product possible, while preserving its natural healing properties. Kola Nut contains caffeine and should be used with care. Kola Nut can be used as medicine for up to 12 weeks.

It may be unsafe when used in large amount or long-term. Some symptoms of overuse are reported to be headache and irregular heartbeat. Use kola nut/bissy with care if you have a bleeding disorder, heart condition. Kola Nut is dangerous and toxic to animals.

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  • All-Natural
  • Chemical-Free
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan

Dried Kola Nut/Bissy Powder.

1 teaspoon kola nut powder to 2 cups boiling water. Simmer for 3-5 minutes & steep for 5 minutes to make tea. Strain. Add sweetener if desired.


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