4 Children’s Books to Add to Your Child’s Summer Reading List


If you are trying to raise little bookworms, we are proud to have partnered with some amazing Caribbean authors that have an array of great teacher-approved book picks to pique your child’s curiosity.

Not only is reading a great habit for your child, but it is also one of the ways parents bond with their children as they make sense of the world in ways only a child can. With that said if you are excited about reading like we are, here are a few picks we know your kids will love:


The Happiness Dress

This is a great book for all girl dads. Written by the ever-so-gracious and talented Diane Browne, The Happiness Dress celebrates that being unique is a trait that we can all share, as well as a fact that many people forget. It also emphasizes the importance of a father in every girl’s life. It follows the life of Carolyne, a quirky and brilliant girl who is excited about the colorful dress she receives from her aunt in the Caribbean. 

The dress is covered in pink, bright red, and yellow flowers – she loves it, but her mum, grandma, and other aunt aren’t pleased with the dress. They think the dress is too colorful and bright for the conservative country they live in. The three try to convince Carolyne not to wear the dress – she should strive to fit in and not stand out. However, when her dad takes her on a walk, Carolyne discovers that her colorful dress can spark happiness in many people.

The Happiness Dress is a great read and won the Commonwealth Foundation Special Prize for a children’s story in 2011.

Abigail’s Glorious Hair

The versatility of African hair is so incredible that it has, in the past and also present, been used as a symbol of religious and political affiliations. For instance, some Black Panthers sported massive afros during the civil rights movement as a symbol of pride. Well, Abigail’s Glorious Hair, yet another Diane Browne’s delights, illustrates the beauty of African hair and how it is a way of bonding for mothers and their daughters.

It follows the life of Abigail, a girl with a lot of ‘poufy hair’. Her hair takes a while to be perfectly combed, especially when it has just been washed. However, every stroke of a comb, the twist of a braid, and the pass of a finger present the perfect opportunity to bond with her mum. The ritual of combing and parting her hair also offers an ideal moment for the women of the family to sit and share incredible memories. Young girls still, snug and secure in their mother’s arms, mums with daughters young enough to need a stroke of the comb, and those who remember such memories can all enjoy this page-turner.

It also features delightful illustrations created by the skillful and gifted Rachel Moss.

Sandy, Tosh & the Moo Cow

If you are trying to bring the artistic whimsy of childish imagination to life, you should get this reader’s delight. Sandy, Tosh, and the Moo Cow lights up the magic of discovery. When the moo of a cow awakens Tosh, he and his sister Sandy decide to go for a quick look. Along the way, they encounter birds, flowers, grasshopper, lizards, and eventually – the elusive moo-cow.

The brightly illustrated book will keep your child hooked and interest piqued.


Charlie the Crocodile & Other Ridiculous Rhymes

If you’re looking for something fun, then Charlie the Crocodile & Other Ridiculous Rhymes should be at the top of your summer reading list. It is the perfect picnic or beach trip read when you want to quiet things down a bit with the kids after a fun filled day.

Featuring seven witty poems, the book takes you on a safari down the Black River where Charlie, the Crocodile, resides. Or better yet, a trip to the moon where cows have excellent table manners. It also invites you to enjoy some savory foods and sweet Jamaican treats. I

f you’re looking for a way to help your child learn more about Jamaican culture, this book is not only the best tell-all but the hilarious poems are also sure to keep your child giggling along.

Happy reading!

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