60 Brands A Trini Will Tell You Are Must-Try for Trinidad 60

Celebrate Trinidad’s 60th year of independence in style

60 Brands

On August 31, 2022, Trinidad and Tobago will celebrate 60 years of Independence from Britain. That can only mean one thing - everyone who’s Trini to de bone will ring in the anniversary celebrations worldwide!

If you’re a Trinidadian living abroad and want to join in the festivities, show your support and rep the black, red, and white by adding these 60 T&T brands we ranked from A-Z to your list!

1. Afroccessories

Creators of AfroBeanies - unisex knotless hats you can wear in various ways.


2. Ai Naturals

The ultimate collection of beautifully handcrafted, all-natural, vegan soaps, oils, scrubs, and deodorants.

Ai Naturals

3. Ambrosia Foods

Iconic homemade Cheese Straws combined with either hot Trini habanero and scorpion peppers, dried herbs and spices, pimento, or left plain for an intense, cheesy flavor with a twist!

Ambrosia Foods

4. Angostura

Trinidad and Tobago’s crown jewel, Angostura, creates classic bitters in three distinct flavors, and its non-alcoholic Angostura Chill sparkling drink is great for days on the beach.


5. Arista Cosmetics

The perfect collection of cosmetics for Caribbean skin!

Arista Cosmetics

6. Beardologist

Join the #BeardGang the right way with products that will soften your hair, stimulate growth, and leave you with a softer and more inviting beard.


7. Bermudez

One of TTs oldest snack companies baking classic crowd favorite snacks like Rough Tops and Shirley biscuits.


8. Berties Pepper Sauce

Bringing a unique combo of savory, aromatic spices and herbs, hot peppers, and citrus to your next snack or meal!

Berties Pepper Sauce

9. Boss Pepper Sauce

Family-friendly ingredients that simmer together to create a smooth and peppery sauce that’s not too spicy or acidic but just enough to add a kick to your meals.

Boss Pepper Sauce

10. Cafe Trinite

From truffles to tea and coffee, Cafe Trinite brings the distinct flavors of Caribbean coffee to the international market.

Cafe Trinite

11. Carib Brewery

Stocked with all the beer necessities, Carib Brewery is the industry leader in producing go-to beverages. As we all know A Beer is a Carib.

Carib Brewery

12. Caribbean Specialty Foods Co. Ltd.

Producers of various hot sauces, dips, and seasonings free from artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors, that contain the iconic tastes of the Caribbean - herbs, spices, tropical fruits, and rum.

Caribelle Foods

13. CGA Cedros Bay

Skin treats your body will love! The scents of the islands all in one jar.

CGA Cedros Bay

14. Charles Chocolates

Get your chocolate fix with Charles! Catching a Tiki, a Ping Pong, or a Bobbie for Lunch? We’ll Cheers to that!

Charles Chocolates

15. Chief Brand

Make traditional Trinidadian dishes like curries, baras, and other tasty meals with chef-formulated sauces, mixes, seasonings, and spices.

Chief Brand

16. Chubby

Pick up this mini soda and enjoy the fantastic taste in various flavors, including Purple Power, Popping Pear, or Red Reggae.


17. Cocoa Dreams Estate

Cocoa everything! From sweet treats and baking essentials to skincare treatments, Cocoa Dreams Estate has a cocoa product for you.

Cocoa Dreams Estate

18. Devon Biscuit

Bringing nostalgic and tasty flavors together, like chocolate-covered Digestive biscuits, delicious sandwich cookies, and other sweet delights.

Devon Biscuit

19. Diana Candy

Signature candies wrapped in Trini flavors!

Diana Candy Company

20. D’Trini Shop

All the right Trini apparel to rep the red, black, and white in style!

Diana Candy Company

21. Fresh Start Limited 

Make classic Trini drinks without the wait with these irresistible juice concentrates.

Fresh Start Limited

22. Fruta

A thirst-quenching juice available in refreshing flavors, including Orange Pineapple, Guava Pineapple, Orange, and Fruit Punch


23. Galt & Maree

The alluring scent of the islands permeates the air with each candle, soap, or lotion.

Galt & Maree

24. Golden Flourish

Traditional herbal tea blends that will soothe you and charge you up.

Golden Flourish

25. Grace Farms Cocoa Products

Cocoa teas and confectionaries that are perfect for a morning pick-me-up or an evening treat!

Grace Farm Cocoa Products

26. Habanero Trinidad

The hottest pepper sauces coming to you straight from the 868, bottled and ready for your next dish!

Habanero Trinidad

27. Hillostps

Trini-style Pepper Bene and Pepper Sauce that tastes amazing and are perfect for stews, curry dishes, sandwiches, and other foods.


28. I Love Local

Tantalizing pancake syrups, signature flavored essence, authentic Trini sea moss, and other island must-haves take center stage at I Love Local!

I love Local

29. IrieHives

From beeswax to honeycomb, they use every inch of the hive to bring you 100% pure unpasteurized TT forest honey, honey vinegar, or even scented candles that awaken the scent of a tropical garden once lit.


30. Jaey's Seasoning

Make your next dish authentically Trini with dried pimento or bay leaves fresh from the farm!


31. Ken's Copper Collections 

Step out donned in the finest copper jewelry and accessories in the Caribbean with Ken’s one-of-a-kind copper collections.


32. Kiss

Step out donned in the finest copper jewelry and accessories in the Caribbean with Ken’s one-of-a-kind copper collections.


33. Lazey Daze

Rep your fave Caribbean nation with stylish, elegant bamboo earrings handcrafted to give you a unique piece every time.

Lazey Daze

34. Lion Brand

Rep your fave Caribbean nation with stylish, elegant bamboo earrings handcrafted to give you a unique piece every time.

Lion Brand

35. Lisas Preserves

With these tasty preserves, you can get delicious fruits like tamarind, khurma, mango, plum, and pepper plums all year round.

Lisas Preserves

36. Lisatriplel

Feeling for a Trini snack? Look no further than Lisastriplel, where you can enjoy awesome combinations like garlic and parsley-flavored cassava, plantain, or breadfruit chips, cinnamon khurma, or preserved paw paw.


37. Louis Fruit Preserves

Whether you like it sweet or spicy, you can get your favorite fruits preserved to perfection for your enjoyment!

Louis Fruit Preserves

38. Montano's

These single-origin chocolate bars are made from Trinitario cocoa beans and have a unique flair, much like their creator Machel Montano!


39. Mr. Raws Hair And Body Care

One fi de man dem! A hair and body care line specially made for the Caribbean gentleman, making grooming a breeze!

Mr Raws Hair and Body Care

40. Mudda N Law

These are not your mother-in-law’s recipes, but they sure are tasty! These authentic tamarind sauces, chadon benis, and roasted coconut chutneys are ready for your next dish.

Mudda N Law

41. Naparima Girls High School CookBook

The Multi-Cultural Cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago & the Caribbean brings together a collection of recipes reflecting the tastes and cultures of the diverse ethnic groups of Trinidad & Tobago in some 500 recipes and 32 colored photographs.

Naparima Girls High School CookBook

42. National Canners (Matouk's)

From peanut butter to jams, sauces, marinades, dressings, and more, Matouk’s has a condiment just for you!


43. Panland

Hear the rolling musical echo of the steelpan when you get all you need to start your one-person or all-star steel pan band with supplies from Panland.


44. Paula's

Traditional Trinidadian snacks take the spotlight with Paula’s creations, including channa, tamarind bites, and preserved fruits.


45. PennyMed

Caribbean medicine at its finest with items ranging from supplements to cough syrups, balms, and creams.


46. Perfect Peppers

The name says it all! Each spicy jelly, salt, or preserve is tasty with a zing worth adding to your next meal.

Perfect Peppers

47. Rajapuri

Don’t skimp on genuine Trini flavors; get the best curry powders and roasted geera powder straight from the islands.


48. Rodco Home Essentials

Soothing all-natural soaps your skin will love!

Lazey Daze

49. Sacha Cosmetics

Get your hands on signature nail polishes, lipsticks, foundations, eye shadow pallets, and other make-up essentials made in the heart of Trinidad and Tobago!

Sacha Cosmetics

50. Solo

The ultimate drink chaser, Solo, has the right taste to pair with rum, vodka, or gin! Try their Bentley, flavored soda, or sparkling Apple J today.

Solo Beverages

51. Spice Life Caribbean

Bake Caribbean spiced cakes in minutes with these delicious dessert mixes.

Spice Life Caribbean

52. Sunshine Snacks

The King of the snack pack! Sunshine creates tasty cheese, potato, corn, nut, trail mix, and popcorn snacks for an unforgettable snacking experience.

Sunshine Snacks

53. The Chocolate Box

The best of Trinidad and Tobago's premium artisan chocolates in one place!

The Chocolate Box

54. The Kairi Chocolate Company Limited

Chocolate treats that are flavored to perfection, highlighting the tropics' taste in every bite.

Kairi Chocolate

55. Theophilus Designs

Dress to the nine wearing custom-designed T-shirts and crochet accessories perfect for a day or night out!

Theophilus Designs

56. Twigs Naturals

A taste of the Caribbean in just one cup! Here’s your guide to Trinidad and Tobago’s finest artisan teas.

Twigs Naturals

57. VEMCO Limited (Swiss)

Making easy-to-use sauces, condiments, and pasta perfect for quick, tasty meals!

Vemco Limited (Swiss)

58. Vista Dorado Estates

This is where nutty, crimson Moruga Hill Rice gets harvested, packaged, and shipped to help you make your next rice dish the best one yet!

Vista Dorado Estates

59. Viva

Tropical sparkling water with a twist - perfect for cooler days so you can quench your thirst on the go.


60. Wee Pals Co. Ltd

Cute and whimsical face coverings made for your little ones to enjoy while staying safe.

Wee Pals

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