60 Seriously Jamaican Brands You Should Know

Must-try 876 brands to rep Jamaica 60 for the next decade and more!

Jamaica 60 Brands

Jamaica may have celebrated its 60th Anniversary on August 6, but you can still keep the festivities going by bringing home the best from the 876!

If you’re a yaadie living abroad and want to join in the festivities, show your support and rep the black, green, and gold by adding these 60 Jamaican brands we listed from A-Z to your collection!

2. Annilu 

Authentic fruit cake and potato pudding mix sure to satisfy your craving for island desserts!


2. AriskinCare

The region’s best skincare collection for clear, toned, and healthy skin straight from the 876.



Rep Jam Rock with custom apparel perfect for men and women.


4. Ayrtons Distributors

Bring the finest island spa to your home with these soothing and rejuvenating spa treatments, essential oils, and skin goodies.

Ayrtons Distributors

5. Bare Natural Products

All-natural, organic, and so good for you! These skin care products will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed - the epitome of #softlife.

Bare Natural Products

6. Boonununus Sweet Treats

Get traditional sweet treats like gizzada, Jackass corn, grater cake, and nut drops spiced to perfection and sweetened with heart.

Boonununus Sweet Treats

7. Bramido Roots

Boost your immune system with Bramido Roots Drink. Its unique and refreshing herbal taste from all-natural ingredients will give you the ‘oomph’ you need!

Bramido Roots

8. Cafe Blue

The world’s best premium coffee for your mug and at your fingertips.

Cafe Blue

9. Cari-Med (Kendell)

Iconic Kendell coconut milk, sauces, and teas that are ready for their next flight to you! Plus, Blue Bomb cake soaps you can depend on to get your white clothes light and bright.


10. Caribbean Dreams

Get the region's most nuanced flavors, from tasty soup mixes to herbal and premium teas and cocoa powders.

Caribbean Dreams

11. Chrissy’s Coils

Hand-crafted jewelry and accessories twisted and twined with precision and pizzaz to give your next outfit the flair it needs.

Chrissy’s Coils

11. Codner Dutch Potss

Celebrate every Jamaican victory like a real ‘yaad man’ with Jamaican-made dutch pots…which are great for cooking authentic dishes too!

Codner Dutch Pots

13. Country House Products

Mastering the art of turning Jamaican herbs, dried plants, and leaves into tasty, nutritious teas or skin-renewing remedies.

Country House Products

14. Country Traders Ltd.

Scrumptious rum cakes meet first-class coffee for a collection you never knew you needed.

Country Traders Ltd.

15. Eaton's

Every bottle or jar has real Jamaican jerk, barbecue, or other flavors to elevate your next dish.


16. GHC Foods Ltd.

Get the powdered seasonings you need to take your meal from good to great with just a sprinkle!

GHC Foods Ltd.

17. Grace Foods

With more than 100 years in the business, you can count on getting authentic Jamaica flavors from juices to spices, cereals to tin meats, and everything in between.

Grace Foods

18. Gro&Glo

It’s in the name! Grow and glow with all-natural skin and hair care products perfect for at-home spa days.


19. Home Choice Enterprise Limited

The Jamaican specialist in iconic food items like Peppered Shrimp, Shrimp Soup, Lime & Lemon Juice, Ginger Extract, and Indian Curry Powder.

Home Choice Enterprise Limited

20. Honey Bun (1982) Ltd.

This is a brand you do-nut want to skip! Their jelly-filled donuts, pineapple cakes, cinnamon rolls, and marble cake are tasty, delectable, and too good to resist!

Honey Bun (1982) Ltd.


Hair, face, and body essentials for the self-care loving man or woman.


22. I'm Jaz

Sorrel daiquiri, anyone? With these sorrel drinks, you can create versions of a traditional cocktail or mocktail right in your kitchen!


23. Immuno-gizer

Boost your body and mind with these supplements, proven to support a healthier lifestyle.


24. Island Skin Line Ltd

From tanning oils and facial serums to sensual body oils, these skin delicacies are sure to moisturize and revitalize.

Island Skin Line Ltd

25. Island Spice

Mouthwatering meat seasonings and sauces are perfect for marinades and glazes. Plus, traditional flavor extracts like almond, rose water, and vanilla.

Island Spice

26. Ital Tingz

Feel ‘Irie’ with all-natural soaps, lip balms, and hair growth oils made from the island's best.

Ital Tingz

27. JABLUM Coffee

The best coffee on the globe comes to you straight from bean to brew for a rich and nutty taste you won’t soon forget.


28. Jamaica Sandal Company

Chic slippers with comfy lace-up straps that are excellent for the minimalist woman who loves fashion but values comfort.

Jamaica Sandal Company

29. Jamaican Herbs & Spices

Cultivators of the best all-spice, bay leaves, nutmeg, and other herbs and spices that Caribbean people worldwide love!

Jamaican Herbs & Spices

30. JamWest Farms Limited

With these signature products, you can recreate the iconic beach breakfast of your dreams. Jamaican staples like ackee, callaloo, and bammy are sure to taste like a vacation on a plate

JamWest Farms Limited

31. JP Tropical Foods Limited (St. Mary's)

Banana, banana, banana chips! These iconic snacks are a crowd favorite at home and around the world.

JP Tropical Foods Limited (St. Mary

32. Juliana

Traditional flavors like granny used to make, but with a twist. Get tinned foods, tasty sauces, jams, and even bammy all in one place!


33. Klutchjaorganics

Scrubs, soaps, oils, and balms made with the finest natural ingredients are sure to replenish your skin.


34. Liberton Industries

Specialty sauces, seasoning blends, and preserves bottled and jarred just for you!

Liberton Industries

35. LiveSimple

Simply renewed, that is. With these luxurious body butters, soaps, scrubs, and shower melts, bath time will feel like a getaway!


36. Lynmoores Bites

This gives you the perfect snack for any occasion with tropical flavors and just the right amount of spice. Enjoy this bundle that includes coconut cake, gizzadas, peanut cake, grater cake, and coconut drops.

Lynmoores Bites

37. Macs Pharmaceuticals

Essential ointments, creams, oils, rubs, gels, and supplements for your at-home first-aid kit.

Macs Pharmaceuticals

38. Mighty Spice Jamaica Limited

Get the flavor enhancers you need to make your next cookout the best one yet!

Mighty Spice Jamaica Limited

39. Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers

From bean to bar and beyond, chocolate never tasted so good! Rich cocoa flavor permeates every bar, nib, and powder.

Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers

40. MR Herbs and Spices

Jamaican-style nutmeg, cinnamon, pimento, and sea moss at the ready!

MR Herbs and Spices

41. Munroe Family Foods

Add these signature seasonings to your family of spices!

Munroe Family Foods

42. National Baking Company

Buns, bread, biscuits, cookies, chips, bulla, and crackers are all on the list at one of Jamaica’s most revered bakeries.

National Baking Company


This company has everything from artificial flavorings to signature sauces and from hair to body care treatments.

PA Benjamins

44. PearlBrand

Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jellies handcrafted and produced using natural fruit and peppers, giving a sweet and spicy flavor without artificial colors or preservatives..


45. Portland Authentic Jerk

Kiss your meat with any of these sauces for a smokey, rich flavor reminiscent of classic jerk flavor!

Portland Authentic Jerk


You've never experienced Salt Fish like this before! This Pickled Salt Fish Roast is coal roasted, deboned, pickled, and seasoned to perfection.


47. Rheborn Holistic

Care for your body inside and out with gummy vitamins, natural deodorants, body scrubs, hair oils, and face serums.

Rheborn Holistic

48. S.N.Kraft Ltd

Hand-crafted wooden pieces fit for your home or office!

S.N.Kraft Ltd

49. Sangster's Book Stores

Jamaica’s finest literature written by Jamaicans for Jamaicans. Get classic Miss Lou poetry collections and children’s books to add to your library.


50. Shavuot

Herbal teas steeped in natural Jamaican flavors perfect for a morning pick-me-up or an evening brew.


51. Simo's

From the chef’s kitchen to yours, get unique flavor enhancers like rum and scotch bonnet salt, coffee liquor, and premium vanilla bean extract packaged with style and finesse.


52. Sir Henry's

Juice mixes, artificial flavorings, and syrups fit for royalty!

Sir Henry

53. Smart Choice

The smart way to add some spice to your life! With options like Mango, Unplugged, Pineapple, and Papaya hot sauces, these are excellent for adding flavorful heat to your dish!

Smart Choice

54. Springvale Products

Honing the art of adding flair and pizzazz to traditional Jamaican flavors with items like pumpkin ketchup, sorrel vinaigrette, and guava salad dressing.

Springvale Products

55. Starfish Oils Limited

Body and home care items whose scents capture the aroma of the islands with every soap, oil, and candle.

Starfish Oils Limited

56. TBL

Dress to the nine in all your Jamaican apparel fit for babies, children, teens, or adults.


57. The Captain's Bakery

If you know the jingle “we mek donkey, car, and bus draw brakes,” then you know how much Jamaicans love this bakery! Get authentic, fresh bullas that are great for pairing with cheese or avocado.

The Captain

58. Tortuga

Plunge into the taste of paradise. Hand-glazed with the remarkable five-year-old oak barrel aged Tortuga Gold Rum, these cakes are baked in Jamaica with only the finest ingredients.


59. Tru-Juice

You’ll want to squeeze every last drop from these delicious and refreshing natural juices made from Jamaica's finest fruits and vegetables and blended to perfection.


60. Two Eighteen by André Cooks

SEASON. COAT. FRY. It’s that simple. With this dredge, you’re guaranteed to make the best fried chicken every time. Plus, their all-purpose seasoning brings flavor to any dish with ease!

Two Eighteen by André Cooks

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