Caribbean-Inspired Dorm Room Essentials You Need When You Study Abroad!

These Caribbean-inspired dorm room essentials will make you and your space the envy of the whole school!

Caribbean Dorm Room Essentials

So, you’re heading to college abroad. Huh? Congratulations! Big up yourself!

Let’s be honest studying abroad is exciting, especially for Caribbean students traveling for the first time. But settling into a new environment can be challenging. You’re probably already feeling homesick and possibly facing major culture shock living alone in a foreign country. But trust us; you don’t need to book a flight back to the islands to make your dorm room feel cozy and welcoming - like home. 


We’ve compiled a uni-approved list of Caribbean-inspired dorm room essentials you (or your young scholar) can use to transform a simple dorm room into a paradise home away from home!

Dorm Room Decor and Accessories

Dorm Room Decor and Accessories

Of course, adding your personal touch to your dorm room is the first step in making your new space feel familiar.


Lighting a few Caribbean-made scented candles is one way to add island vibes to your dorm room. With scents reminiscent of the cool forests of Trinidad and Tobago or aromas that permeate the air with the nuisances of signature Jamaican flavors, you’ll rid homesickness with one whiff.

And if you’re planning to be the resident chef in your dorm, then be sure to have your Caribbean-made kitchenware perfect for making Sunday dinners. Cook like a pro with classic Jamaican Dutch pots, forks, and spoons. With these in your arsenal, you will have the best curry on the block!


But if you’re not the cooking type, you can still rep for the Caribbean in your dorm room with signature art pieces that capture the culture and vibe of the islands! This stunning piece featuring Jamaican music legend Bob Marley will add character to your room, while this vibrant painting of breadfruit and ackee will remind you of home with each glimpse. 


And for a more understated option, place a mini flag on your desk or get a keychain that shows off your country’s colors. These decor pieces and accessories are Caribbean-inspired dorm room essentials you’ll treasure for years!

School Stationery and Supplies

School Stationery and Supplies

Even if you’re attending a “party college,” it’s still school, right? So let’s get you ready for the semester ahead.


Now that you have decorated and accessorized your space with the Caribbean-inspired dorm room essentials mentioned earlier, it’s time to stock up on the stationery and supplies you’ll need for the school year.


Let’s start with the obvious - books! Books are a great way to help you pass the time, continue learning outside class, and reconnect to the culture and history you grew up around.


Take this Caribbean-inspired book, for example. It has stunning images of the islands, unique heritage sites, its people, etc., and will transport you home with each page flip. Or fill your mini dorm room library with novels authored by Caribbean writers that feature their stories (real or imagined) that will tug at your heart, make you laugh out loud, or cure your homesickness.

Next are the tools you need to stay productive and motivated. Stack your desk with a reflective diary, a Caribbean-made self-help book, and even a fitness journal to help you reach your goals and keep your focus during the school year.


And if you’re looking for a quality backpack to keep all your school supplies on the go, this authentic leather backpack will be your new favorite stylish and functional piece. Speaking of style, step into the new year with island-inspired apparel to show off your Caribbean pride! Your dorm room closet isn’t complete without t-shirts, socks, and hats that scream “Jamaica to di world!” or “Trini to di bone!”

Snacks and Drinks


Undoubtedly, having familiar foods in your fridge and cupboard is a dorm room essential. Nothing says “home” like indulging in the flavors you’ve grown to love! Stock your dorm room pantry with your favorite island snacks and drinks.


Classic Caribbean snacks such as cheese puffs, banana and plantain chips, ginger biscuits, and butter cookies are all perfect for munching on at night or grabbing on the go. And if you have a major sweet tooth, there are plenty of Caribbean treats and candies to choose from that are super delicious and that hit the spot every time.


What about drinks? You know there’s no shortage of options in the Caribbean! Go-to beverages like coconut water, soft drinks, fruit juices, hot cocoa, coffee, and teas are all great for quenching your thirst, giving you a boost, or washing away your homesickness. With so many delicious options, there has to be a Caribbean snack or drink that will satisfy your cravings and “take you home.”

Going away for school can be exciting, and transforming your new space to feel like home is key to making it through the year. Make your dorm room the envy of the whole school when you outfit it with all your Caribbean-inspired dorm room essentials!


Get these and other keep-sakes and must-haves directly from the islands when you shop on, or ask a loved one to send you care packages you’ll receive in just a few days!


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