Complete Guide to Beautiful Black Hair with Less Hassle

Complete Guide to Beautiful Black Hair with Less Hassle

Celebrate every kink and swirl of that beautiful black hair and still keep your sanity!

Imagine for a minute: It’s Saturday morning and you have no work calls to make, no one else to feed, and no exercise plan to finish. That means there’s only one thing on your to-do list, and yet…. your ENTIRE DAY is blocked out. You have a mammoth task ahead. Monumental and also a little terrifying. So, what are you doing all day?

Washing, treating, and combing your beautiful black hair! 

It’s one of our greatest love-hate relationships. When the curls do what we want and the frizz stays to a minimum, we can’t imagine wearing anything other than our natural black hair. But too often we’re faced with the exact opposite. No matter how much we try, our black hair takes on a mind of its own. 

You pull left and it flies right, you pat down and it springs up, you comb out and the knots tangle right back up! No wonder so much advice exists on “taming” black hair. It might feel like a stubborn opponent we have to defeat, but hear this: your beautiful black hair is not your enemy. Quite the opposite! Our black hair is like our crown and glory. Whether long or short, thick or thin, porous or not, our beautiful black hair is part of our heritage. 

It's not just how we present ourselves to the world, but what we represent. We should celebrate every kink, swirl, and curl in our black hair and take care of it. This is the first step in our guide to beautiful black hair - recognizing that we already have great hair, worthy of our love and affection. 

Our black hair might not always be easy to manage, but when is something great ever easy? Take the time to show your black hair some real love and you’ll be surprised how it starts to love you back. Recognise that the time and effort (and money!) you spend showing love to your black hair is not a waste, but an investment. You’ll be glad you did. So how do you show your black hair some love? So glad you asked!

Smile Reggae Hair Growth Oil

Smile Reggae Natural Hair Growth Oil with a 10 oil blend that promotes stronger, thicker, longer hair. Ingredients: Jamaican black castor oil, rosemary oil, virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, virgin olive oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, vitamin E oil.

Get to know your hair

One of the best things about black hair is how versatile and varied it is. No two manes are alike. So, spend some time finding out what works for you. Be wary of solutions that look like one-size fits all. Find out your porosity level, your thickness, your hair type, your best methods for caring for your black hair. It might take some experimenting but it’s worth it.

Caribshopper can easily send you a variety of hair products for you to test, mix and match to find that ‘sweet spot’. From an assortment of oils to provide essential nutrients and moisture to every strand… to a variety of creams, moisturizers, treatments and masks to keep your black hair bouncing and blooming every day.

All-natural isn’t just good for your food

Sulfates and other chemicals can have a terrible effect on your black hair and your health! Did you know that your scalp is one of the most absorbent places on your entire body? This means that using products with harmful chemicals won’t just destroy the luster and beauty of your black hair, but can lead to illness, introduce toxins to your body and have even been found to contribute to cancers. 

Also, products that contain alcohol can dry out your scalp and make your natural black hair more brittle and frizzy. Show your black hair (and your body!) some love by only using products with all-natural ingredients. 

Here are just a few of the shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and masks that you can buy on Caribshopper and get delivered to your door in the US & Canada straight from the Caribbean, made with only all-natural ingredients.

Protective styles are your friend

Cornrows (or canerows as we called them), braids, bantu knots (or chiney bumps as the Jamaicans say) are just some of the great ways to give your black hair a break! Mini coils are a protective style that’s just as easy to do for yourself. It offers a sleek look with less volume and it’s perfect for the girl-on-the-go who doesn’t want to spend too much time on her hair. 

Not only do protective styles give your arms a rest from all the combing, but it also keeps your hair from breaking. They are a great way to lock in moisture so your strands get stronger and grow. While decreasing the buildup of product in your hair from regular treatments, protective styles are also really beautiful and have your black hair looking its best!

Save the heat for spicy Caribbean food, not your black hair.

The heat is meant for the kitchen, not your beautiful tresses. So, put down the blow dryer and take up a towel or cotton shirt! Avoid heat damage and split ends caused by hair straighteners and other devices. 

Your black hair, with all its curls and textures, doesn’t need to be straight to look great. Protect it from the heat, even avoid long periods of direct sunlight. Listen, caps, wraps, turbans and other hair coverings should be found in the arsenal of every girl (and guy!) looking to protect their strands.

What goes in your mouth, ends up on your head 

Did you know that foods high in vitamin A, like callaloo, keep your black hair moisturized and healthy? Dark chocolate improves hair quality and the sheer volume of your black hair. Nuts and seeds provide B vitamins for healthy hair, while protein makes your hair strong. 

Black hair is meant to be enjoyed, celebrated, shown off, and boasted about. It is a blessing, an opportunity, and a great way to experience the beauty of black culture, every day. 

So, imagine once more your Saturday plans. You’re not about to wrestle your locks into submission. Nor are you dreading the three hour wash-and-detangle session you’re about to enter. No no. Instead, you’re about to take care of a friend. A beautiful friend who may be a little demanding but helps you look your best. Your day is really a get-together, a link up, a lyme and a vibe with your beautiful black hair! 

Now, what are you waiting for? Go enjoy!

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