Say 'I Do' to this Caribbean-Inspired Wedding Gift Registry

Find a Caribbean-made, Caribbean-inspired wedding gift your besties will love.

Are you ready to say “I do” to these gifts? Don’t let the wedding season catch you unprepared!

Wedding season is upon us! If you're attending a summer wedding and want something exclusive and tropical-inspired, these extravagant Caribbean-made wedding gifts might be right up your alley. From delicious sweet treats, elegant home decor, and stylish accessories to unique aromatherapy products perfect for setting the mood (*wink wink*), this list has something for every couple.

Whether you’re a close friend or family member of the bride and groom or just looking to show your support, these Caribbean gifts will surely make their special day even more memorable.


Speaking of Caribbean culture and traditions! What’s a cozy home without comfy and chic cushions? Bring Jamaican vibes to their home with these cotton cushions featuring a Jamaican staple - breadfruit! Whether they are Caribbean nationals or visitors, they will love this handmade cushion great for accenting a bedroom or living space. 


Coasters are a typical wedding gift, but these luxury hand-crafted clear resin shell-shaped coasters are a cut above the rest! Each one has a unique rose gold flake interior to add sparkle and comes with REAL coffee beans inside to add a tier of sophistication and flair. You could even create a gift set by combining these coasters with a bottle of rum, wine, or premium coffee.

Dutch Pot 

Forget the crock pot and air-fryer! Caribbean people deserve traditional Caribbean utensils. And what’s more traditional than the Dutch pot? It’s a must-have for everything from cooking beef stews to curry goat and everything in between. It’s a staple kitchenware that will be a perfect addition to their kitchen repertoire.

Wall Art 

Help the newlyweds decorate with hand-painted wall art ideal for tying the knot on their interior design vision. This Caribbean garden-inspired oil painting will brighten the couple’s home and be a real conversation starter! You’ll wish it was your something new.

Cutting Board

Here’s another go-to wedding gift, but with a twist! Treat your favorite newlyweds to this handcrafted mango wood cutting board finished with food-safe beeswax so they can safely serve meat, cheeses, pepper jellies, and more. Whether they're top chefs or just learning their way around the kitchen, this board will be their new favorite accessory!  

Puzzle Set

We know that your friends are working hard to make their wedding magical. Let them play hard, too, with this 500-piece puzzle set. The newlyweds will enjoy putting the pieces together on days they want to destress and reconnect. 


Let’s start with something as sophisticated and sensual as it is simple. With hints of Patchouli oil and tuberose fragrance, this romantic candle ignites a spark of passion with one whiff. Trust us. The rich, sultry, and seductive aroma will have the new lovebirds burning this one deep into the night! 

Massage Candles

If that candle isn’t daring enough for the blushing bride and her hubby, turn up the heat with this seductive massage candle. It's perfect for a romantic aromatherapy massage, as delectable and evocative scents fill the air and warm wax gets smothered all over the skin. If this doesn’t leave them feeling relaxed but still deliciously aroused, we don’t know what will!

Luxury Body Oils

Everyone deserves a likkle rub dung now and again, and a sensual body oil scented with ylang-ylang, sweet orange, and cinnamon is perfect! Give your loved ones a gift that will help them hoist the sails of romance with a unique blend of essential oils great for replenishing the skin and rekindling the flame. 

Luxury Full Body Scrub

Banish those post-wedding honeymoon blues with this natural, exfoliating body scrub that both husband and wife will enjoy. Nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and grape seed oil help promote healthy, supple, kissable skin - which they’ll definitely want for days when they’re all snuggled up.

Body Butter

Speaking of velvety skin, another self-care gem is this love spell body butter that melts in the hands and on the body. It moisturizes without leaving a greasy residue, smells fantastic, and sets the mood in minutes!

Recipe Book

Cooking up love in the kitchen will always be a flex! With this cookbook, your newlywed besties can recreate mouthwatering Jamaican cuisines or other dishes with a Caribbean twist. This recipe book celebrates the legacy of a Jamaican family’s love, food, and hospitality - perfect for helping the happy couple create their own. 

Cake Mix

While they’re cooking up savory sensations, the honeymooners can also whip up satisfying sweet treats for romantic date nights at home. A delicious night awaits them with this chocolate cake mix that’s moist, flavorful, and decadent. Whether they’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to indulge in something tasty, this dessert will surely sweeten the moment.

Gourmet Hot Sauces

Spice things up for the new bride and groom with this gourmet hot sauce set! It combines savory, aromatic spices and herbs, hot peppers, and citrus for a tantalizing taste they won’t soon forget. Hubby and his new bride can use this versatile blend of flavors in everything from salad dressings and marinades to glazing their favorite grilled foods. We guarantee this gift set will have them hot for more!


Let’s face it premium Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee will always be a luxurious gift for any occasion, especially a wedding! And your summer wedding is no different. This deliciously roasted, medium-bodied, caffeine-enriched premium gourmet coffee is simple yet refined. When they brew at home, it will be the best thing to wake up to in the mornings - besides their partner, of course! 


Caribbean Chocolate! Need we say more? 

These hand-crafted, 100% cocoa bars are made from a unique Trinitario blend of beans and a dash of cinnamon to bring a hint of spice to a smooth and succulent sweet treat. We know they’ll be mesmerized by every bite.

Fruit Preserves

Do your bride and groom love to jam? If they do, you can't go wrong with this strawberry jam gift set that includes hints of ginger, scotch bonnet pepper, and rosemary. It's a family recipe, guaranteed to bring back memories of grandma’s house on the islands - sweet nostalgia!

Infused Oil

Give your besties an epicurean experience they'll always remember. This gourmet chili-infused coconut oil comes in three irresistible flavors, making it perfect for all palates! These oils will add richness and sophistication to any dish the new couple makes.

Rum Truffles

Chocolates + liquor = a romantic evening!

Indulge their taste buds, and they’ll give in to the sensation of warm Caribbean breezes and the refreshing taste of coconut. This rum and pina colada-infused truffle is covered in delicious chocolate for a rich and savory flavor they won’t get enough of.

Gourmet Spices

Spice things up in the kitchen with this delicious collection of fine rubs and blends inspired by famed chefs and seasonings worldwide, with gourmet ingredients that will add complexity to any recipe the newlyweds cook up!

Music Box

Classic Jamaican folk love songs will always be nostalgic and endearing. This collectible mechanical music box playing “Come Mek Mi Hol Yuh Han” is perfect for cute new couples who appreciate Caribbean culture. They’ll love to hear the sweet melodies and can even store little knick-knacks or souvenirs.   

Wine Wooden Box

Maybe you’re the wine-giving type and would prefer to gift them something uncomplicated but in an extraordinary way. Why not share that fancy champagne in a luxury gifting box? This gorgeous natural wood wine box is perfectly polished from high-quality cedar! Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving since they can use it for storage after all the wine’s done!  

Gift Card

And if you still can’t find something special for the newlyweds, let them choose! With a Caribshopper Gift Card, they can shop from our selection of over 10,000 authentic Caribbean-made products, including their favorite foods, apparel, homewares, and more. It's the ideal gift for any couple that cherishes the Caribbean and wants to bring “home” to them in the US or Canada. 

So, are you ready to say “I do” to these gifts? Don’t let the wedding season catch you unprepared! With these options, you’re bound to find a Caribbean-made, Caribbean-inspired wedding gift your besties will love and appreciate as they walk down the aisle and into their new lives together!

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