Sea, Sun, Sand, and Caribbean Self-Care!

Caribbean Selfcare

"These must-haves from the tropics will usher in the divine scents, soothing bliss and gentle escape from reality that you need this year"

Close your eyes and picture yourself reclined on a white lounge chair, your palms gently pressed behind the nape of the neck and legs crossed at the ankles. The Caribbean sun is warming your skin as you look at the pristine waters glistening and racing to the shores, crashing against the banks then pulling back into a curl. Ahh, yes. THIS is your happy place!

With the right self-care routine, you can treat yourself to your ultimate Caribbean fantasy, all from the comfort of your home. These must-haves from the tropics will usher in the divine scents, soothing bliss, and gentle escape from reality that you need this year:

Kari's Kreations Just Beachy Soap

Is the perfect exfoliating soap that brings you straight to the Caribbean. It is infused with oils, shea butter, and Kaolin Clay. It will remove excess oil from the skin revealing your natural beauty, all while creating an atmosphere of serenity with its Caribbean ocean breeze scent.

Skinssence Naturals Beach Breeze Body Butters

Is an amazing way to moisturize your skin without feeling greasy. This natural oil-infused body butter is perfect for all skin types and is sure to give you that extra boost of Caribbean confidence to show off some skin.

Island Skin Line Jamaica Coffee Tanning Oil

Is a beautifully blended oil that will give you the perfect sun-kissed look. Made with real Jamaican Coffee Oil, this lightweight product is Caribbean magic in a bottle. And while it's giving you that rich deep brown hue, it is protecting you with an SPF of 12. It’s definitely giving us melanin vibes!

AYRTONS Coco Shay Body Butter

Is infused with 100% pure Cocoa Butter, unrefined Shea Butter, Vitamins, and Minerals that maintain and restore healthy-looking skin. This delicate balance of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty oils will target your driest areas, providing additional support and leaving your skin glowing like a Caribbean sunrise and without any residue. The butter also comes in five different flavours to suit your taste.

AYRTONS Coco Shay Body Butter AYRTONS Coco Shay Body Butter Kandy Kisses AYRTONS Coco Shay Body Butter Juici Fruit AYRTONS Coco Shay Body Butter Lustful Desires AYRTONS Coco Shay Body Butter Tropical Bliss AYRTONS Coco Shay Body Butter, 8oz (2 Pack)

Rheborn Holistic Herbal Hair Growth Oil

Is the absolute best Caribbean product to hydrate your hair as it boasts essential vitamins and minerals that deeply penetrate the hair strands to restore even the driest of hair. It is great for all hair types and promises to reduce baldness and dandruff. The light oils used will leave your hair shiny and bouncy without a greasy scalp.

Rheborn holistic herbal hair growth

Starfish Oils Sweet Jamaica Gift Bundle

Features a Sweet Jamaica Bath Bar, a Travel Candle, and a Body Oil. It can make the perfect “I’m thinking of you” gift or just for a “treat yourself” moment. These items are made from vanilla, orange, and nutmeg soaked in sesame oil which makes the aroma delicious to take in. Light the candle, soak in the bath bar, enjoy the body oil, and be transported to your happy place in the Caribbean.

Starfish Oils Sweet Jamaica Gift Bundle

We are practicing Caribbean self-care for this new year!

Take the time, breathe in and enjoy the warmth of the sun and sand, the cool of the sea, and yourself through the amazing Caribbean wellness selection. You’ll be glad you did.

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