The Ultimate Caribbean Chocolate Lovers Bucket List

Caribbean chocolates are undoubtedly the tastiest and most innovative sweet treats you’ll ever have!

Caribbean Chocolate

Caribbean chocolate makers are raising the (chocolate) bar with cutting-edge and irresistible chocolate treats.

To us, there are four primary food groups: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolates with a surprise inside - and when it’s handcrafted from bean to bar on the islands, it’s the only food you need! With its genesis dating back to the 19th-11th century BCE, chocolate was a staple for Mesoamerican people, including the Maya and Aztecs.

Today, chocolate is still a precious commodity, and Caribbean chocolate artisans across Jamaica and Trinidad make decadent chocolate treats daily. Want the inside scoop on the best Caribbean chocolates out there?

Here are our top picks!

Caffeinated Chocolates

Like beans in a pod, coffee and chocolate go well together. This classic combination embodies the true meaning of bean-to-bar (cocoa and coffee). The deep, rich flavor of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee marries with the sweet, intense cocoa flavor, giving you an indescribably luxurious chocolatey flavor.

A flavor that Caribbean chocolate makers aren’t too shy to melt and mold into irresistible treats. In the cool hills of Jamaica, there’s one such chocolatier, a coffee creator concocting Caribbean chocolates daily - Cafe Blue. Their Blue Mountain 57% Dark Chocolate indulges your taste buds with the divine taste of authentic dark chocolate coupled with freshly brewed Blue Mountain Coffee.

Chocolate bars

Even across the waters, other brands like the Cocoa Republic in Trinidad make Premium Dark Chocolates with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, combining delightful Trinitario Dark Chocolate with the finest coffee in the world.

Spiced chocolates

The alluring scent of warm spices reminds you of lazy days curled up on the couch, and when they’re enveloped in authentic Caribbean chocolate, they make even the most frigid day feel like it’s sunkissed. 

Brands such as Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers expertly combine spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to give you a unique flavor that mimics classic holiday hot cocoa without the cup. In other chocolates, ginger takes center stage, bringing an intense spice and aroma to fragrant dark chocolate, like the ones made by Likkle More Chocolate in Jamaica. Fresh, zingy notes of ginger deliver a superb kick of floral spiciness.

Fiery Chocolates

You know that Caribbean food is known for its intense, flavorful heat. But did you know that Caribbean chocolate makers are raising the (chocolate) bar by adding that taste to their creations too? 

Imagine the flavor of smooth dark chocolate infused with fiery Scotch Bonnet pepper, bringing a wave of heat across your palate as it melts and dazzles your tastebuds. Or just think about the irresistible taste of authentic Jamaican Jerk Seasoning engulfed in rich dark chocolate for a smokey surprise with every bite. 

Are you done fantasizing? Well, guess what? Brands like Likkle More Chocolate and Pure Chocolate Company will make your dreams a reality with their fiery chocolate treats.

Sweet, Salty, Chocolate

What could be better than the tingling taste of pure sea salt dancing across your tongue in perfect harmony with every bite of sweet dark chocolate? Trust us, the seductive savory taste of these Caribbean chocolates will send your tastebuds on a satisfying journey to flavor heaven. 

For example, the Sea Salt Chocolate Bars from Likkle More Chocolate and Mount Pleasant Farms both have the delicate, crispy texture of sea salt crystals sprinkled throughout to please your palate. At the same time, the Artisan Grenadine Sea Salt Caramel bar from The Chocolate Box in Trinidad has a deliciously balanced salted caramel flavor you won’t soon forget.

tropical fruit basket bars

Foodies have been combining chocolate and fruit for centuries, but who knew you could infuse such bright flavors into rich chocolate? Caribbean chocolate creators did, and their combos are indeed a fruity sensation! 

First, let's travel to the 876, where Mount Pleasant Farms makes a dark chocolate bar with banana, coconut, and cocoa nibs, a naturally sweet, fruity bar perfect as a dessert or on-the-go snack. 

Or you can even sink your teeth into one of the delicious fruit chocolate bars from the 868, like the Kairi Orange Dark Milk Chocolate bar from The Kairi Chocolate Company Limited. This citrus-filled chocolate treat will whisk you off to an exotic flavor paradise as a delicate infusion of natural orange pairs with 100% Triniatiro chocolate for a tropical bite you never knew you needed.

Then there’s Grace Farms Cocoa Products’ Milk Chocolate with Guava, a pure, delicious bar with an irresistible tropical surprise in every nibble. Or you can have The Chocolate Box’s iconic Pineapple Chow Steelpan treat, which blends two of Trinidad's most beloved desserts, tangy pineapple slices infused with garlic, culantro, chili, salt, pepper, and Trinitario dark chocolate.

Cocoa and coconuts

Like curry and roti, chocolate and coconuts have been a classic pair from the beginning of Caribbean chocolate history! The silky smooth taste of chocolate mixes with the floral, nutty flavor of coconut to transport you to the nearest white-sand beach with one bite! 

Premium coconut chocolates include the Artisan Caramel Coconut Chocolate Bar from The Chocolate Box and Pure Chocolate’s Dark Milk Chocolate with coconut. Mount Pleasant’s Dark Jamaican Fruit and (Coco) Nut Chocolate Bar, filled with juicy raisins, peanuts, and coconut, is also a crowd favorite. 

But maybe, the most creative combo goes to Likkle More Chocolate’s 55% Coconut Milk Bar, a tasty number with a delicate tropical twist made with cream pressed from fresh coconuts - giving a whole new meaning to white chocolate.

chocolate bars

Maybe you’re thinking about traditional “chocolate teas,” but we’re saving those for another list. Right now, we’re focusing on Caribbean chocolate bars steeped in iconic tea flavors. 

Since there’s always room for a Likkle More Chocolate, let’s start with their White Chocolate Green Matcha Bar, a funky, velvety, and vegetal blend with the most refined cocoa butter infused with matcha tea. 

Or maybe you’re a chai tea person; you can try The Chocolate Box’s Artisan Chai Spiced bar or the Kairi Chai Spice Dark Milk Chocolate. And for an even more intense tea flavor, Pure Chocolate’s 70% Dark Chocolate with Lemongrass is sure to give you chocolate fever!

Chocolate-Covered Goodies

On its own, chocolate is hands-down one of the best sweet treats. But when a little extra crunch or surprise gets thrown into the mix, it becomes the ultimate guilty pleasure. 

For example, take your senses on a blissful experience with Cafe Blue’s Milk and White Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans - a delectable treat in every handful. 

Or try any of The Chocolate Box’s iconic steelpan chocolate treats! Their Almond Butter Crunch Steelpan Trinitario dark chocolate, scattered with caramelized almonds, has a rich, buttery center. At the same time, their White Chocolate Discs Steelpan is a classic combination of creamy Trinitario white chocolate buttons delicately flavored with lime and apricot. And for our vegan chocolate lovers, there’s the Kairi Garbanzo 50% Dark Chocolate made with chickpeas.

Childhood Chocolates

Let’s face it, premium chocolates are fantastic, but sometimes you just want a fun chocolate snack that the little ones can appreciate, but that also takes you back to your days on the playground. For that, we turn to Charles Chocolates

Popular goodies like chocolate-coated wafer treat Tiki or Toco Loco come in various flavors, including plain chocolate, strawberry, coconut, and vanilla. There are also chocolate-covered nuts, including Ping Pong and Jordan Almonds, and crunchy chocolate crisps like Catch, Coco Crisp, and Twin Crunch. Other playful chocolate options include Cheers, Bobbie, Lunch, Peanola, Jungle Jam, Bonanza, and Choo Choos.

Phew! If this isn’t the ultimate list of Caribbean chocolates, then we don’t know what it is. Tell us which one of these chocolates is your favorite. Or which ones are you adding to your chocolate bucket list?

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