9 Delicious Caribbean Drinks You Should Be Drinking

Caribbean drinks are the perfect way to bring the island to your doorstep and tastebuds. With a wide variety of flavors and types, there’s something for everyone.

Caribbean drinks

Caribbean drinks will always have you asking for “Another one. Thank you!”

Caribbean food is terrific, no matter where you go, but more than the food are the drinks! Caribbean drinks, whether juices, sodas, cocktails, mocktails, energy drinks, or anything in between, will always have you asking for “Another one. Thank you!”

Quenchers like Ting, Angostura Chill, Tru-Juice, and Fruta continue to satisfy that longing taste for “home” that many Caribbean people living abroad have. Succulent, sweet, and delicious fruits, vegetables, and other tropical flavors come together to create exquisite drinks that will make you crave more after just one sip! 

But what makes Caribbean-made drinks and juices a hit are the unique ways that juicers and, may we even say, mixologists, use tropical ingredients to create tasty bottles, glasses, and cans of island refreshers. 

Read on if you’re looking for a list of the top Caribbean-made drinks available on physical and digital shelves right now!

Caribbean Drinks


You know we had to start with the “don-dada,” the #1 soft drink coming out of Jamaica, Ting! This grapefruit-based soda has the perfect blend of tanginess, sweetness, and subtly bitterness to give you a drink as dynamic as its home. If you’re from the 876, you should remember being the “cool kid” in school with your Ting in the glass bottle, poppin’ the cap like a boss.

When paired with fried fish and festival, authentic jerk chicken, or even a Beef Patty in one hand and a cocoa bread in the other, Ting is the perfect Caribbean drink for lunch, dinner, or as a chaser for your favorite citrus cocktails.

Ting soda


Coming straight from Trinidad and Tobago, this tiny can packs a big flavor taking your tastebuds on a trip to the islands’ shores with just one swig. This premium Caribbean drink comes in refreshing flavors, including Orange Pineapple, Guava Pineapple, Orange, and Fruit Punch. 

Fruta Juice

Plus, it’s not only good in taste but is good for you as it has lots of nutritional benefits, including your daily requirement of Vitamin C.

Fruta Juice


No one does freshly-squeezed juices like Tru-Juice in Jamaica - the Caribbean drinks Pioneer. With fan-favorite flavors like June Plum, Guava Pineapple, and their classic Orange Juice, this Caribbean-made brand blends the best fruits with high-quality ingredients to create tempting drinks ideal for complementing any meal or sipping with friends. 

Tru Juice

Pour a glass of Tru-Juice with your favorite breakfast dish, and start your day right! Or twist open the bottle cap at lunch to enjoy the refreshing flavor of your meal’s perfect partner.

Tru Juice


It doesn't matter if you’re packing a cooler for a picnic or a beach day; Orchard juices are delicious thirst quenchers. Made from pure vegetable and fruit juice and packed with flavor, each box of this Caribbean drink is an inspiration for your next mocktail or cocktail (that’s up to you).


Plus, with their concentrated party mix, you can quickly concoct your favorite mixed drinks and impress your guests with your ‘new-found’ bartending skills! PS: We won’t tell if you don’t ;)

Orchard Juice

Grace Tropical Rhythms

With just one sip, you’ll be moving your hips! 

This smooth and sweet but tangy drink brings a punch of natural fruit flavor to your glass. With every gulp of Grace Tropical Rhythms, a masterfully choreographed dance of flavors waltz across your tongue to give you those nostalgic flavors like mama used to make.

Tropical Rhythms

Iconic Caribbean drink flavors like lychee, carrot, and guava remind you of homemade Sunday dinner drinks blended to perfection with the freshest ingredients available!

Grace Juices

Angostura Chill

Every real Trini knows the significance of Angostura to TT culture and heritage, as their signature bitters are a household staple. But what we’re here to advocate this time is their irresistible soft drink, Angostura Chill.


With this Caribbean drink, you can bring the spirit of Trinidad & Tobago to your garden party or backyard BBQ. This satisfying soft drink tastes like summer all year round. It's refreshing, delicious, and spirited, with three distinct flavors, lemon lime & bitters (LLB), blood orange, and sorrel, making it the sparkling juice you never knew you needed!


Shandy Carib

You can’t beat the simple refreshment of a Shandy Carib, combining world-famous lager with delicious ginger, lemon-lime, and sorrel to create an exotic twist on a traditional soft drink.

With a tangy edge and subtle spicy finish, this refreshing Caribbean drink will surely bring a smile to your face!

Shandy Carib

When you try this Caribbean drink with its unique blend of spices, it will soon become your favorite beer alternative any time of year.

Sandy Carib

D&G Malta

Cool off with Jamaica’s famous Malta soft drink - a crowd favorite for decades. Available in unique flavor blends like original, coffee, and vanilla, this single-serve bottle filled with all the goodness of a classic Maltesers is the perfect on-to-go companion.


Whether you prefer to enjoy Malta with dinner or lunch, as a treat on a hot day, or as a drink to quench your thirst, this Caribbean drink is an excellent choice for anyone, young or young at heart!

Whiteway’s Peardrax

For a more complex Caribbean drink flavor, there’s also Whiteway’s Peardrax!

It’s a naturally-flavored sparkling beverage perfect for quenching your thirst and delighting your taste buds. You can experience a crisp, enchanting drink from the comfort of your home, office, or on the go while enjoying the enduring taste of home, made with love from the Caribbean in every can!

Whiteway’s Peardrax

The Bottomline 

While we fully support drinking coconut water to wash off your heart, we know that adding any of these drinks to your collection of Caribbean drinks will be a win! And we’ll drink to that! What other Caribbean beverages do you enjoy?

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