Welcome to Caribshopper

Caribshopper is the first major tech-driven online shopping destination to solely focus on economic growth in the Caribbean region.

We are committed to helping Caribbean-owned brands grow by providing a marketplace where customers abroad can connect with a taste of “home”, creating a community that celebrates and brings Caribbean culture closer.

We currently ship to the US and Canada only. More countries are coming soon!

Our Story

Caribshopper was co-founded by tech entrepreneurs and Jamaican-born brothers, Kadion and Tennyson Preston.

Since its launch in January 2021, Caribshopper has shipped over 9,300 products to 48 states in the USA, as well as Quebec and Ontario in Canada. The platform proudly features over 6300 SKUs from 450+ brands representing both Jamaica and Trinidad. More countries are coming soon.

Community of Impact

Caribshopper is committed to ensuring our small and medium-sized Caribbean-owned brands have the best resources and sense of community they need to build their best and brightest futures. We do this through advocacy and by nurturing a positive and unified culture.

Brands can rely on Caribshopper to help them run their businesses remotely, communicate and collaborate virtually, and build a loyal customer base.

Customers can rely on Caribshopper to access all the products they love from the Caribbean in one place, and have them delivered directly to their door in the US & Canada. More countries are coming soon.