Caribbean Partnerships

As the #1 destination for Caribbean people living abroad, we know what it’s like to miss home - the nostalgia of Sunday dinner, or playing ludi on the veranda with friends.

That’s why since 2020, we’ve been committed to aligning with partners who share the same vision of a world where Caribbean culture permeates every corner of the world, and together, we’re able to bring sustainable economic prosperity back to the Caribbean.

We know there’s power in numbers, and are committed to making sure no matter where the diaspora is, home never feels far away.

If you are a Caribbean-impassioned brand, content creator, influencer, student, or merchant, we invite you to get in touch, introduce yourself, and see how together, we can share with the world what it means to be proudly Caribbean-made.

I’m a Caribbean-Impassioned Brand

Caribbean-impassioned brands are our best friends. You are committed to infusing Caribbean culture and ways of being and working into everything you do. You are seeking a strategic partnership to create content, share audiences, or create something amazing together. 

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I’m a Content Creator or Influencer

We see you showing the world just how loud and vibrant we are. Caribbean voices are essential to telling our story, and we want to hear what you have to say. If you’re a content creator or influencer from the Caribbean, with an audience and/or reach in the US and Canada, we want to talk. 

DM us here.
I’m a Caribbean student studying in the US or Canada.

If you’re a Caribbean student studying abroad in the US or Canada, let’s chat. 

We’re always looking for fresh voices to tell our stories and preserve our culture through content, partnerships, influencer relationships, internships and more.

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I’m a Merchant ready to scale

We are on a mission to turn Caribbean merchants into global enterprises. If you’re a merchant currently selling in the Caribbean, let us help you level up by distributing your Caribbean magic to the world. 

With more than 650 brands and 7000 SKUs, we mean business.

Let’s talk - well - business, here.


Road Ready x Caribshopper

A partnership to bring the diaspora home through the content you love, the products you miss and the community that made you.

Caribshopper is the official sponsor of Road Ready - the #1 Caribbean Carnival travel reality series, showcasing the ultimate expression of freedom, unity, and culture through Caribbean Carnivals all year long.

From auditions to road marches, Caribshopper is alongside 8 castmates from around the world as they are fully immersed in local culture - marches, parties, costume fittings, local eats, and must-see sights in the hottest cities around the world. 

"Road Ready is excited to partner with Caribshopper as the official sponsor for Road Ready Jamaica. The ability to be able to showcase the beautiful island of Jamaica - its brands, its people, its culture, carnival as a cultural expression that we can share all over the world. We’re so happy to have our cast members and brand ambassadors be able to align our values with Carinshopper with a shared goal to bring our culture around the world in order to be able to build this economy and culture, helping small businesses scale and grow.

We’re super excited about the collaboration, and big thanks to Caribshopper for joining us in this mission. This is just the beginning - as  we’re already looking forward to our US college tour in 2023!"

- Giovanni Moss, Founder at Road Ready

Caribbean Student Association x Caribshopper

We are proud partners of the Caribbean Student Association, supporting Caribbean students during their studies abroad in the United States. Having been one of those students himself, our founder, Kadion Preston has made it his personal mission to ensure every Caribbean student honors and amplifies the culture that made them exactly who they are.

Partnering with universities across the country through CSA, we collaborate with and amplify Caribbean students’ voices through content partnerships, scholarships, internship opportunities, and more. Since 2023, we have spoken to more than 10,000 Caribbean students on their experiences of joining the diaspora abroad. We are committed to keeping the cultural ties strong, as this next generation of Caribbean leaders takes the world’s stage.


Jodi Henriques

Jodi Henriques - known and loved all over the world as @JodiJinx - is a popular Jamaican YouTuber known for her comedic skits, lifestyle videos, and daily vlogs. Whether she’s Live Shopping holiday must-haves with her husband, Sean Paul, or bringing her iconic humor and voice to the cast of Road Ready, Jodi has been an incredible supporter and amplifier of Caribshopper’s vision to bring Caribbean culture to every corner of the world. We love you Jodi!

Check out Jodi’s - and Sean’s - picks here.