When Love is in the Air, Try These Caribbean Gifts to Make a Statement

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"These thoughtful Caribbean gifts are perfect for a partner, friend, family member, and even for yourself. Because nothing is ‘sweetah’ than Caribbean love!"

You know why we find romantic movies so addicting? It’s the grand gesture done close to the end when the couple everyone is rooting for finally gets together! No matter how many of them we’ve watched or how generic and predictable the plot is, we still fall head over heels for that “Hallmark moment” when the guy objects to the wedding, or stands outside with a radio over his head or runs through the airport to profess his undying love for the woman of his dreams… Don’t you just love love?


We sure do! And we want to help you share di love, just with small and special Caribbean gifts - no airport marathons required :)



The Caribbean Sweetness Gift Box


Features some of our favorite products and is overflowing with the freshest and sweetest tropical treats from the Caribbean islands. This mouthwatering Caribbean Sweetness Gift Box features a handmade Bartley's All in Wood Spatula, Tortuga Golden Rum Cake, Cafe Blue Brittle Crunch Almond Chocolate Mocha, Annilu Sweet Potato Pudding Mix, Trinite Coconut Rum Truffles, PURE 70% Dark Chocolate Bar and Jerk Seasoning. This is one of the Caribbean gifts is perfect for you if you’re planning to stay indoors this Valentine’s Day to cook up something special! And while you’re cooking, turn the volume up with your favourite songs, dance as wild as possible and feast on the sweet treats in this box! But don’t forget to save some space for your delicious meal and have the rest for dessert.

Pure Chocolate Cinnamon Bar


Invites you to have an elevated experience with every bite. This delicate mix of dark chocolate and cinnamon has a burst of a rich creamy flavour which makes it the perfect chocolate staple to satisfy any sweet tooth. This indulgent dark chocolate with comforting cinnamon is a melt-in-your-mouth one-of-a-kind chocolate that will create that picture-perfect moment. By now you’re thinking you need this enticing Caribbean gift for someone special, right? Absolutely! Set the mood with this gluten free and vegan safe handmade goodness and thank us later.

Gina’s Chocolate Passion Bar


Has a sweet, tart, and aromatic fruity flavour with notes of deep citrus. It is the perfect snack to keep your loved ones constantly thinking of you throughout the day, and undoubtedly, if you’re apart, you’ll be in for a treat when reunited. Made from fine flavour Trinitario cocoa beans, this passion bar is a soft decadent Caribbean gift, perfect to invite warmth to your day or evening. This creamy rich midnight chocolate melts in your mouth upon contact bursting with tangy chocolatey goodness. It is definitely worth savouring slowly.

Gabby Glam Selah Lip Collection


If she loves the sophistication and the drama that comes with a great lip-gloss, you can surprise her with the Gabby Glam Selah Lip Collection. With three gorgeous shades of lip gloss to choose from, she can effortlessly change up her look based on her mood.


The Selah Lip collection comes in 3 luxurious shades: Faith(soft pink pearl shimmer), Celeste (peach with gold shimmer pigmentation), and Blessed (a sheer baby blush pigmentation). Glosses are moisturizing and work for all skin types, packaging is compact yet holds as much as 7ml of gloss making it perfect for the on-the-go woman.

Rheborn Holistic Skin Serum


Is designed to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolouration. Infused with lots of essential vitamins and minerals including aloe vera and vitamin E, this serum focuses on brightening the skin for a more even and luminous look all while repairing sun damage and healing acne scars.


Cultivating a consistent routine is an important part of achieving the flawless skin we all desire and this product is perfect for persons who are just starting out their skin care journey or one who needs that “just right” product to add to the mix. You don’t have to look any further for that one thing that actually works on all skin types. You’ll be restoring some lost confidence, and isn’t that one of the most amazing Caribbean gifts?

Starfish Oils Love Gift Bundle


Captures the scent of love perfectly with a warm and sultry combination of Vanilla and Nutmeg. This bundle comes with a Love Caribbean bath bar, a travel candle with West Indian Patchouli & Tuberose and Love body oil. The bonus is that your loved ones can have some self-care anytime and anyplace so a part of you will be with them wherever they go. This is one of those quintessential Caribbean gifts that will make your ‘I love you’, echo in your loved ones’ ears.

Galt & Maree Rose Du Matin candle


Is a mixture of espresso, rose, patchouli and resin that culminates into a truly beautiful, strong scent. Once lit, this handmade candle is sure to make any space invigorating and creates an energetic atmosphere. This three-layered blended candle has Rose Absolute and Lily on top, Amyris scent in the middle and on the base, it has Amber, Espresso Bean, Patchouli. It is perfect for date night as it will create an atmosphere of love, passion, and intimacy. It is also perfect for spending time with your friends and family on their special day. 

It is long-lasting and will burn from the start to the end of your day or evening to ensure that the mood is always set.

No matter what Caribbean gifts you choose to show some appreciation for your loved ones this year, make sure to gift them something special that will create a lasting memory.

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