Carbshopper Ambassador

Affiliates' Social Toolkit

Here’s a cool toolkit that you can use to share awesome images and copy on your Facebook and Instagram pages. It's all free and customizable just for you! You can use these graphics to encourage your audience in the US & Canada to start shopping at


1. Create a free or paid account in Canva.
2. Click any of the download buttons below to get an editable copy of our templates.
3. Customize them with your videos or images or choose any of the ready-to-share ones.
4. Click the "Share" button in the top right corner and select “Download”.
5. Select "jpeg" or "mp4" (for stories) under file type and choose the pages you want to download.
6. Click the “Download” button & share on Facebook or Instagram.

Caption Inspiration

Below are examples of copy that you can use to drive customers to

- I'm partnering with Caribshopper! You can now buy Caribbean-made products anywhere in the US & Canada and get x% off with my code CODE123.

- Caribshopper brings Caribbean Culture Closer. Now you can support Caribbean businesses from the US & Canada by purchasing products and get x% off with my code CODE123.

- Do you love (specific food, drink, apparel, etc)? Check out Caribshopper to find the products you'll love and get them in the US & Canada within 10 business days! Use my code CODE123 to get x% off!