Brand Spotlights

Check out the Caribbean brands our customers loved in June! 

Twigs Naturals

Created in 2016 by Nigel Jordan, Twigs Naturals makes high-quality herbal teas rich and bursting with flavor and zero additives.

Twigs deliver this delicious experience to the world with their award-winning teas. This Caribbean gem is the 2017 Global Tea Championship awardee, and every sip tells you why. In just six years, Twigs has put TT on the map with its one-of-a-kind flavor combinations, like Carnelian, Mint, Christmas, and Amber tea blends, highlighting the soul of the islands!

Mustard Seed

Effortlessly support vulnerable youth AND get a beautiful & hand-made accent piece for your home. Sounds like a WIN-WIN with Mustard Seed Ceramics.

Through this program, hundreds of young people have had their unique pieces shared across the world. Today, under the supervision of the Jamaica Mustard Seed Communities and its partners, these creative youth get to express themselves in ways they may not have had otherwise as many are among the most vulnerable in society - the disabled and at-risk.

Likkle Tea

Creator and fellow tea-lover Patrique Goodall says her teas are the perfect introduction to authentic, prime Jamaican tea.

Likkle Tea is a unique tea experience with a rich and deep flavor that will take you to an exotic place. Whether hot or cold, these teas scream SOPHISTICATION! Top flavors, including Jamaican Breakfast and Mahoe Bay, bring the subtle nuances of island herbs and spices together with carefully-selected tea blends from expert tea farmers.

OA Love Creations

In 2015, Oretta began sharing her designs and supplying hair bows to OA Love fans in Guyana and Trinidad on a small scale.

By 2020, however, she officially turned her passion into her profession, turning OA Love into her full-time business. Her personal touches and attention to detail make her work unique and special. These hand-crafted accessories are always the final piece to their fashion puzzle for OA Love customers. And her pieces always reflect her personality - fun and joyful.