Brand Spotlights

Check out the Caribbean brands our customers loved in May! 


Put a spin on your own culinary creations with his line of 9&Fried seasonings and tenderizers.

Whether it’s preparing his son’s lunch or catering for thousands, Andre Sewell will deliver a unique and tantalizing spin on every meal, from classic fried chicken and juicy pork tenderloin to traditional ackee and saltfish and jerk chicken. .

Puzzles by SG

Created by Shauna-Gaye Hart, Puzzles by SG is a must-have addition to your hobby corner.

They say jigsaw puzzles exercise your brain, allowing you to sharpen your mind while having fun. That means creative jigsaw puzzles like the unique ones designed by Puzzles by SG will keep your mind sharp and your heart connected to home in 500 pieces or less.


Bring home the musical heartbeat of Trinidad and Tobago with Panland, created by Michael Cooper.

Panland represents the largest manufacturer, exporter, and marketer of the steelpan globally, providing access to the Caribbean musical experience through a wide collection of high-quality steelpans and accessories.

Glace Kafe

Created by Jordon Freeman, Glace Kafe Instant Coffee Mix is the perfect blend of slow-roasted coffee sure to get you ready for your day!

By adding hot water, this homestyle blend tastes just like how you would make it at home, with an authentic flavour that’s creamy and smooth. Just right!