Suffering From Lower Snack Pain? Here’s the Remedy: Caribbean Snacks!

Caribbean Snacks - Kiss cakes, Sunshine snacks, National Bakery

"Here’s a list of superior Caribbean snacks that will be the remedy for your lower snack pain"

Trust us, the withdrawal process from the best Caribbean snacks is terrible - taking you from ‘irie’ to irate in a matter of minutes. But here’s the thing, there is no need to deprive yourself of the wonderful goodness that is Caribbean snacks. Here’s a list of superior snack options from the Caribbean that will be the remedy for your lower snack pain:

Sunshine Snacks

Has a wide variety of delicious and nutritious Caribbean snacks for the whole family. This line of snacks features nuts, chips, popcorn, and more. There is nothing quite like this snack family as it balances zesty cheese snacks with sweet and tangy caramel-infused snacks. They will definitely add a little sunshine to your day!

National Bakery

Is a staple in the Caribbean as it produces buns, breads, biscuits, crackers and so much more Caribbean snacks. This brand has something for all occasions and seasons. Feeling for something sweet? Definitely try the National Spice Bun or choose from the selection of biscuits. You’ll be full to the brim.

Kiss cakes and goodies are divinely yummy

These light and fluffy pastries have creamy fillings on the insides that just add the extra “sum ting nice”. They make for a snack or dessert choice. You can find Kiss cakes or goodies in strawberry, orange, chocolate, or vanilla flavours. And yes, it’s true - you cannot have just one!

Kiss cakes goodie

AFiMe chips

AFiMe chips are one of the best sweet and savoury Caribbean snacks to have on the go. Whether you’re craving breadfruit chips or sweet potato chips, each snack is dehydrated to produce the perfect crunch. They are gluten-free, low in fat, and offer a source of potassium. We dare you to try both.

Afime snacks


Their sweet, tangy, and spicy treats are a crowd favourite! They combine authentically Caribbean fruits and nuts but with a twist, perfect for an afternoon snack. Ever tried spicy candied mangoes or spicy channa? Well, it's time to elevate your pallet of Caribbean snacks. Immerse yourself and allow your taste buds to enjoy the invigorating delicacies.

Boonununus treats

These will just take you right back to the Caribbean with their grater cakes, coconut biscuits, gizzada, and coconut drops. Each sweet treat can be had at any time of the day, once the craving for something sweet hits. These Caribbean snacks are not only sweet but they are packed with so much flavour that should be savoured with every bite.

Time for Caribbean Snacks!

Don’t put yourself through the wringer. The best way to cure your snack pain is to just have more Caribbean snacks!

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